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  1. If I had to pick one music video to represent the human race, this would be the one:

  2. A way of selling useless tat to people who don't need it. Same as Christmas.
  3. An old Macbook from 2010. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz RAM: 2 GB HDD: 480 GB Hitachi GPU: nVidia GT 320 M OS: Linux Mint 17 with Cinnamon Gets the job done.
  4. Waking up. Still am; coffee isn't working!
  5. Tired. Didn't get nearly enough sleep.
  6. 379001 Morning fellas! 05:49 is the best time.
  7. Nope. I actually have better things to do than have someone pester me all of the time
  8. I'll just let the chart speak for itself.
  9. 378919 (some useless filler)
  10. I'll try reposting. My previous post has been lost to the thread. Name: Soprano. Age: Private. Gender: Private. Location: Australia. Likes: Learning Japanese, cryptography, David Bowie, Linux computing. Dislikes: Right-wingers, bigots.
  11. Hello. I see a lot of brony slang in the community, like "everypony" and the such. What are everyone's thoughts on it? It sometimes makes me cringe, but doesn't bother me greatly.
  12. The whole show makes me cringe at times. Hasbro is just doing it's normal thing. The show is mainly marketed to young girls, so they'll make advertisements to suit that demographic. Just don't watch them
  13. Air from Suite No. 3 in D major Bach Amazing. Sounds good with Dolby.
  14. I don't think that "converting" anybody is a good thing. It's not like it's a different lifestyle; it's just a fandom. I swear, there are some people out there that actually treat the community as a cult. The people that can't talk to people unless they are fans as well. Those aren't exactly helping our already tarnished reputation. I'd never "convert" someone. That's just my opinion.
  15. Yeah, anxiety is definitely something that comes with Aspergers' and related conditions. I often just fall into panic attacks over small things. Not the best when it happens at school, where you can easily get picked on for panicking. I've met people with it much worse though. I'm quite lucky.
  16. I'm a Muslim, and basically all of my friends are either athiest or Christian. Most of the time, religion never comes up. I don't really care about belief. We all keep it to ourselves.
  17. Hello all, Over the past few months I've been creating some Equestrian standards (language, measurement, time, etc) for some roleplays that I have been doing for a while. They wouldn't use the metric, imperial or US Customary system (even though scoots has used feet before). They wouldn't use a 365 day year, since Celestia and Luna can control the day/night cycle. Why make it convoluted? They'd make it all based around base-10, like metric. My proposals are of the following: -Equestrian Language -Equestrian Standard Measurement (ESM) -Equestrian Calendar Language First of all, Equestrian English. Here's some sample text to begin with: Heniw eþ omibab' elif, ti nilio nide't a apterow ni umanih isterih nida eganib nozera. The English meaning would be: When the bombs fell, it only ended a chapter in human history and began another. It isn't a new conlang from scratch; it is more of a language-game. Imagine a complex Pig-Latin. The steps of this are: -Write everything phonetically. Example: Phonetically = fonetikle, Equestrian = Ekwestrian -Replace: TH with þ ING with Q 'S with ' ED with 'T CH with W. So far, our example sentence would look like this: Henaw eþ omib' elaf, ti nileo nide't a apterow ni umanih istoryuh nida eganib noþera. Few more steps: -Bring the first letter of the word to the back of the word, ignoring any apostrophes. Henw eþ omb' elf, ti nleo nde't a apterw ni umanh istryh nda eganb noþera. -Place a vowel (according to the chart below) in between any consonants that can't be pronounced properly. (eg, nw, lf, nl, etc) BCDF E GHKL A MNPQ I RSTV O WXYZ U Henaw eþ omib' elaf, ti nileo nide't a apterow ni umanih istoryuh nida eganib noþera. No double letters, apart from vowels. Double vowels must be replaced as follows: E - ë A - ä I - î O - ô U - ü Atoþ' ti! Holdes eb esëë ot ëëder! :-) Measurement system Measurement is also fairly straight-forward. Here's the list of comparisons: Length 1 microhoof = 0.00075 cm (0.0075 mm) 1 millihoof = 0.0075 cm (0.075 mm) 1 centihoof = 0.075 cm (0.75 mm) 1 decihoof = 0.75 cm (7.5 mm) 1 hoof = 7.5 cm 1 dekahoof = 75 cm 1 hectahoof = 750 cm (7.5 m) 1 kilohoof = 7500 cm (75 m) 1 megahoof = 75000 cm (750 m) Temperature Sôla is the standard measurement. Sôla = (°C + 12) / 0.46 °C = (Sôla * 0.46) -12 0°C = 12°S 20°C = 69°S 50°C = 134°S 100°C = 243°S Volume Lun is the standard. 1 Lun = 1 cubic decahoof (1 dh * 1 dh * 1 dh) Calendar & Time Now for the big one! I've worked on this for a bit Since royalty can control the day / night cycle, it is presumed that they control the seasons. Thus, making a 100-day year seems doable in their world! 1 year = 10 months 1 month = 2 weeks 1 week = 5 days Thus, a 10 day month, with 10 months in a year! Years start counting from epoch (1st January 1970). It's 5/5/167 at the time of writing! The date would be set up by day/month/year. None of that stupid American date system here! As for time, it's a little more confusing Making a 10-hour day has been done by the French during the French revolution, although it never really caught on. 1 day = 10 hours 1 hour = 100 minutes 1 minute = 100 seconds After the calculations, 1 Earth second comes to 0.864 Equestrian / French seconds. Thus, the method of converting earth time to Equestrian time is simple: Calculate the number of seconds since midnight, multiply it by 0.864. The first digit of the result is the hour, the next 2 digits the minute and the last 2 the seconds! Midnight is 0:00:00, Noon is 5:00:00. It's around 9:35:36 at the time of writing Programs I'm working to implement all of these into software as soon as I can. I've already completed a very rough Python 3.4.3 draft of the Calendar / Time system, which can be downloaded in the link below (source code included). Only real bug is when the time goes to 00:00:00. the time won't be 6 digits long. You'll know what I mean when you look at it. Just set your system clock to midnight. Well, thanks for looking! This is just a draft so far. It's late down here, and my bed is calling my name
  18. Skype: SopranoAurora.
  19. @, The morning sunlight shone brightly onto the Passenger waiting facility's flooring, allowing Soprano to see his book clearly, without straining his eyes more than they are already. He already made his sign saying "CASSETTE" on it, so that his Driver could see him, to pick him up. The pay for the role of a Passenger wasn't great, but it does count as work experience. Besides, Soprano has always had a knack for first-aid and medical procedures. This is a great opportunity for him. He grabbed a sheet of paper from his saddlebag. It looked very strange. GEHEIM! QKVA SEPTEMBER 2150 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Tag | Walzenlage |Ringstellung| Steckerverbindungen | Kenngruppen | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 30 | III II IV | 23 15 02 | CY DZ ER FN GS IL KQ OT UW VX | EBK RSX QZZ VVT | | 29 | V II I | 15 15 18 | AV CL DH FY GX IT JP KS OZ QU | RKF JXG LRK YHT | | 28 | III IV I | 15 02 10 | AV CI DR EU FT HN KL MW OS PQ | CYL MSB FAV VDY | | 27 | I III V | 04 04 24 | AL BC DZ EI FK HQ JW NU OV PS | BLR NCI DXC DTJ | | 26 | I V IV | 20 03 11 | AZ BP CS DN EG FK IL JR QW TX | FBD IGZ MPA HAQ | | 25 | IV III V | 20 26 16 | AQ DN EU FS GV IP JR KW OX YZ | OTJ OSH BXR OTL | | 24 | IV II I | 01 01 17 | AJ BQ CX DU FK GH LP MV NO SY | IFD DOY WHK XAE | | 23 | V I II | 09 26 08 | AF BX CI DP GU JV KW LO MQ YZ | FNT XJV ROC RMN | | 22 | II III IV | 23 20 13 | AY BK CH FW GX IL NU PZ QV RT | OXO RRM PXK FUI | | 21 | II V IV | 02 18 21 | AG BT DY EN HI KR LP QZ UX VW | MMR YHR LBE WTQ | | 20 | I III II | 12 11 09 | AX BK CY DE FV HU IO LS MP NW | MLH EGY UGV JGO | | 19 | IV II V | 22 15 10 | AO BT CQ DZ EY FL HV IX JP MS | RWB BKT IWQ SXZ | | 18 | I III II | 23 12 04 | BR CK DO EG FX HZ IS JL MY NP | CIT JKO OQY FDP | | 17 | II IV III | 05 07 26 | CK DU EN FJ GV HQ LS MZ OP TY | UJA NKR NXB VCF | | 16 | II I IV | 23 22 24 | AS BV CP DH FG KZ LX MN QR WY | UCC PYC ENZ XDM | | 15 | V II III | 05 10 12 | AP BR CN DM FJ GX IV KW OU SZ | VBJ YKO TRB HXO | | 14 | IV III V | 16 24 15 | BE DW FK GZ HY IJ LM RV SU TX | BLS TIY VXP EWL | | 13 | I IV II | 09 01 06 | AU BO CX DZ FQ GM JW KV NP ST | TGC NUA DMV NIH | | 12 | III V II | 01 19 22 | AB CU DP EG FJ HV LN MY OZ RW | OSE DOB IKB CAH | | 11 | IV I III | 05 09 25 | BK ER FO GL HW JT MQ NY PZ SX | SIM GTY QDL CKH | | 10 | V IV I | 19 26 03 | AX BR CI DM GS JV KN LP QU WY | RRO CGA LYM JUA | | 09 | I II V | 21 05 21 | AQ BV DJ EZ HK IY LT NU OP SX | KGP KXL ZJT ZLC | | 08 | IV II III | 24 06 14 | AM BN CO DF GJ HX IQ LV PU TW | OMX HQV NYS ZKQ | | 07 | IV II I | 06 17 18 | AE DW FH GN IX JV LR MT PZ UY | XOI FRB RVC XWG | | 06 | I V III | 05 01 03 | BT DV FS GL HO IZ JK NW PY QR | NRO WGO UPB MIJ | | 05 | IV I III | 16 25 10 | AW BP CG DF EL HT IX MN SZ UV | XUH VBZ XTF CJK | | 04 | III II V | 15 04 25 | CO DM GY HL IU JP NW QX RV SZ | OIE DAJ XOA VOB | | 03 | III I IV | 16 05 24 | AR BN CU GI JK LX MO PT QW YZ | WBR MQY WTL FFI | | 02 | I IV III | 17 13 05 | AO BC DG EH IJ KU LN MP SZ TY | CXX XJG MIP CQD | | 01 | V III II | 16 20 11 | BD CZ EQ GI HS JX LT MP NW UY | WMC JSA JZX PLT | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He had received it a while ago from some shady debt-collector's bag. He was about to look into it further, before Cassette's car came speeding through, stopping next to Soprano.
  20. Well then, here's Soprano: Name: Soprano Aurora, Esquire. Age: ~20 Sex: Male Gender: Male Occupation: Student of cryptography Personality: Socially awkward in many cases, sometimes getting out of control messing around. He lacks charisma, but can still get along with certain people. Appearance / Species: Yellow coat, orange mane. Pegasus (can not fly well / at all) Backstory (TL;DR'd): Was born on Earth, is an Equestrian castaway. Got in a conflict with changeling, ended up 1/4, yadda yadda yadda. Nothing tragic apart from the Castaway Incident and the Changeling Incident. Notes: Can switch between human and pegasus forms freely.
  21. @, "Seriously, just leave the damn book alone!" he said, raising his tone a little bit. "If you wanted it this whole time, why didn't you get it earlier? Why do you need us to help you?" Soprano really didn't understand this whole deal with this mystical book. (filler)
  22. @, "Eh... I guess so...?" he replied, feeling very unsure about his answer. "I'm not from here, so I guess so..." "I don't really... get what all of this is about, but leaving the book alone would still be the better option. It's not really a good idea to fix something that does not need fixing."
  23. @, "... there are castles...?" he said, wondering if this place was a monarchy after all. "... what's the point, anyway? If everything has been okay so far, then what's the point in going through all of that effort for one book?" He was trying to imagine how much corruption would exist in a monarchy.