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  1. 47216063816

    No one can stop you

    It is in our nature that things that other people do affect us. Or so I thought until I started investigating deeper the reasons why do I feel the way I do in certain situations. I found out that it is you yourself who is allowing those things to affect you, everything starts from yourself. Every feeling and affection that seems to come from somewhere else has its roots in yourself. Now how do fix myself if I don't like the way I feel about something. To do that you'll need to be able learn to control and see yourself, your emotions, feelings and understand from where they are coming from. After that you'll be able to observe the process as it works and see exactly what is going on with you. To be able to control your feelings I think starts from observing your current feelings and what affects them and I think one big factor that is affecting how you feel about things is the importance and effort you devote into different things. Effort and importance two things that you can control pretty easily I think are the first step to conquer moving toward controlling yourself completely. One good rule to remember is to not to give importance or waste effort on things that aren't relevant to your current state of being or situation. Which brings us to the second point of the subject the situations. To be successful in a given situation some importance and effort are needed so how can you manage yourself if those turn against you? The answer is situational sequencing and backseat perspective on the situation. Firstly it is important to change your perspective to so called backseat perspective which allows wider and more objective approach to the situation. While you have this perspective activated plan is to sequence multiple instances of yourself parallel to each other into that situation to gather the overall information on what is going on in the situation. Which in turn allows you to act according to that information and allows managing yourself even when giving out importance and spending effort.
  2. 47216063816

    The Geography Game

  3. 47216063816

    General How tall are you?

    I guess I'm around 180 or 190 haven't checked it out in a while
  4. 47216063816

    Anything you absolutely hate doing?

    I hate not being able to do as many things as I would like to do in given time.
  5. 47216063816

    Are you in a relationship?

    I don't tgink that will happen any time soon, though I don't really care about it that much
  6. 47216063816

    World Cup - Trottingham vs Las Pegasus

    If you take into consideration the amount of members of the teams Las Pegasus got 10x votes compared to members on team on the other hand Trottingham is barely getting even with votes and members on team
  7. Feels like it's time forme to step back a little again to gain a better hold of what is going on here

  8. woah today had pretty good fight against myself FINALLY some progress

    1. Tacodidra


      Good to hear you're making progress! :grin:

  9. 47216063816

    Do you have any pony art on anything you own?

    I have R cutiemark necklace though i dont wear it anymore because it almost broke once
  10. 47216063816

    Animation Good anime to start with?

    Yeah my first ones werr Nanatsu no Taizai and Magi And after I took another look on Magi recently I realized that I missed quite a lot when I first watched it
  11. 47216063816

    Animation Good anime to start with?

    FLCL and Neon Genesis Evangelion might be bit heavy for a first time watcher or that is how I feel I don't think I would've been able to appreciate those masterpieces as much if they had been my first anime Though it can vary per individual some people can start up watching the likes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes as their first introduction to the genre some people on the other hand prefer more casual approach
  12. 47216063816

    Animation Good anime to start with?

    Depends on what are you looking for in an anime it is quite broad genre. Maybe good and popular overall ones to start with to get a decent impression on what anime is like are the likes of One punch man Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Or Attack on titan
  13. I maybe should find some other way to reestablish myself on this site and stabilize my feeling than changing display name and avatar each time.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tacodidra


      Of course if you feel you need to change them, it's good to do so. :) And what I said about people recognizing users doesn't matter that much really – it's easy to find out a user's previous name anyway (especially with the name history, which I rarely realize to look at :muffins:). I always change my avatar after a while too, so I understand the need to change (though I haven't changed my display name yet).

    3. 47216063816


      It really isn't an issue for me if people recognize me or not I just want to feel comfortable using this site 

    4. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      Whatever works for and suits you :mlp_bedeyes: You feeling easy and comfortbale while using this site should be the main priority. Others maybe having problems recognizing you comes way, way back in the order of importance.

      Since you haven't really changed your profile's wallpaper or information, it should be easy enough for others to identify you after visiting your profile page. That's how I verify who you are after a sudden name swap :mlp_wink: don't worry about it too much


  14. Feels like in this site I am missing something crucial that I have on deviant art and on deviant art it feels that I am also missing something crucial that i have on this site

    1. Thuja


      Kinda feel the same way between tumblr and deviantart.  It feels like something's missing on tumblr that deviantart has vice versa...  Might be a different feeling than what you have though.

    2. Tacodidra


      I understand that... :mellow: Though for me, this is pretty much the only community I enjoy posting in these days. The other forums I'm on are so boring these days that I wonder why I liked visiting them in the first place (I guess they used to be somehow different). :P

    3. 47216063816


      Yeah I'd like to get both of those but only one of them feels incomplete

  15. aah my favorite arc is coming next in Attack on Titan