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  1. getting pretty tense rn

    1. Outnick
    2. Error 404

      Error 404

      starting at new school on monday

    3. Outnick


      *little delay here sorry* hmmm try to find the bronys :catface:

      You know something to catch an eye of a brony? A reference to some cutie mark

      Like in my school had this table were RB's cutie mark were drawned there, i did pass by this table like 200 times and i never realised, then i began watching mlp and i was like "omg who made this? " :o

  2. Error 404

    What animal do you identify with the most?

    cats are something special I feel that I'm one of them
  3. “Miss,” when attached to a name, is a title of respect for an unmarried woman. vs “Mrs.” is a title of respect for a married or widowed woman.
  4. Im maybe remembering it wrong but I always thought she was talking about Miss not Mrs.
  5. Error 404

    Could Season 8 be the King of Leaks?

    I dont think you can really call them leaks if they are being legitimately aired in those countries
  6. Error 404

    General Are you currently learning a new language?

    I have few 'ongoing' learning processes that have been going on basically forever with no real progress being made and i think they will continue like that for a while, those are mainly Japanese, Chinese and Russian
  7. There used to be a 'sticky' navbar which i think i used more than i realized as these days i can really feel the absence of it though it may be little known actually pressing Home button on your keyboard goes to the top of the page
  8. Hand drawn animation then maybe using photoshop for effects and stuff
  9. That is amazing especially the fan clubs those were my favourite part of the site but I don't really know what happened to them as over time the discussion started to die more and more in them in favour of posting just images or atleast according to my experience. I really enjoyed the discussion back then so i hope it can pick up again . All in all seeing something like this makes me glad that i am still around here as i can almost feel the warmth in the community in regards of these changes. I'll quote that again as I think that is amazing mindset to have. I don't really have anything more to say as I feel that the mindset and how helpful and important I think it is in regards of the community here is beyond any words that I can come up with to describe it. I always thought that the staff here were doing reallyy good job keeping the community together and in bloom, but I think this is taking it to the next level.
  10. Error 404

    General Do you like dogs or cats more?

    i despise dogs! cats on the other hand are beautiful and lovely creatures
  11. There is doing something and then there is doing something and taking it to the next level in the process:grin: and i think that is something special.

    1. Rikifive


      Forgive me, but I'm not quite sure what do you mean. :P 

    2. Error 404
    3. Rikifive


      Oh, I think I might know, in any case, thank you! :grin:

  12. why do i feel like crying when it comes to stuff i started doing about 3 years ago

  13. I think i've bitten bit more than i can chew and my sense of duty partly forces me to go along with it so im not really sure what i should do about it rn

  14. Error 404

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    Never I dont want and I dont think i ever will drink alcohol
  15. Your name reminds me of Tsuchikage Ōnoki from Naruto:grin: