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  1. Hilda Mariendorf

    Changeling Kingdom vs Dragon Lands

    I maybe missed it but Are the conferences A, b, c, d and e, f, g , h? Or something else? Also looks like the kingdom is going to be the team to beat in this cup
  2. Hilda Mariendorf

    Favorite ice cream flavor

    I ate pear flavour sometimes it's been at the top ever since
  3. Hilda Mariendorf

    Favourite letter in alphabet?

    What are your favourite letters in the English alphabet mine are probably Q and R Q as it stands out being used rarely and its design looks refreshing. R because I like the taste it leaves in my mouth and it's pretty good feeling to say it.
  4. Hilda Mariendorf

    Gaming Video Game Nostalgia thread

    Destruction Derby 2 that game was my childhood
  5. Hilda Mariendorf

    Whats everyponys favorite anime?

    Top 10 1. Neon Genesis Evangelion 2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes 3. Monster 4. Monogatari series 5. Ghost in the Shell 6. Land of the Lustrous 7. Made in Abyss 8. Steins;Gate 9. Overlord 10. Durarara
  6. Hilda Mariendorf

    General Why did you choose your username?

    she is pretty and her character is interesting in the series
  7. Hilda Mariendorf

    Mens Fashion Discussion

    I'm glad Adidas some others have been making more diverse colour options for the clothes. I mean like 99% of men's clothes I see in stores are black,blue,grey or white which is ridiculous
  8. Underwhelmed by myself rn

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. :( I hope things get better soon! :kindness:

  9. Hilda Mariendorf

    Do you think the show has too many fan serives?

    I thought Griffonstone was decent episode didnt notice any fanservice there?
  10. Worked probably bit too intensively wit those sheets again most of the day went working with them 

  11. Twilights reign continues

    1. Tacodidra


      Not very surprising – Cloudsdale vs. Somnambula was surprisingly close at first, but in general I'd expect the Mane 6 and their teams to win...

  12. Found a relatively quick way to upgrade my spreadsheet to seasons 6 7 and 8

  13. I tried to send you a message and it says you cannot receive messages why is that. 

    1. Hilda Mariendorf

      Hilda Mariendorf

      its because My inbox of messages is full 

    2. Rainbow heart 55