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  1. that is a proof that practice does pay off if you look at his art from couple years back the improvement is phenomenal
  2. It's good to see you here in this community my friend:):) i hope you can have good and lovely time here meeting lot of ponies and pony friends and maybe share some your designs too
  3. well it doesnt really matter that much to me but blue and green are kinda nice though i dont think it holds that much of a significance
  4. Not really usually i dont really call people by their names that much at all but if the person is kinda close to me i prefer use the names more =)
  5. my first pet was cat i've always had cats until i became allergic =/
  6. I eat kinda semi fast but if the food doesnt taste good i usually dont eat it at all =)
  7. i usually rest in my bed until i feel better that i can actually do something else
  8. General

    i think my eyes are blue or more light blue =)
  9. i used to change it lot back in the day, but this was the last avatar i changed it into back then and these days its pretty unlikely that i will change it again unless i draw it myself but at my skillset i dont believe it is realistic for me to create avatar that matches the current one in my eye in near future
  10. General

    well i kinda have it happens if it happens mindset these days on these things since i feel that it is not something that is depending on me so i feel that my input or actions dont really increase my chances of getting in a relationship.
  11. pretty good =)=) inspiring quote though i think the image could be optimized better to use the available space , maybe centering the whole thing though its more my subjective visual opinion on the matter as it could also be seen to aligned perfectly as it is to allow the correlation to the shorter messages and that way you can view the whole think in quicker glance. so i would say 9/10
  12. is my nick ooBrony too dependent on the term brony? I been feeling lately that it should be more universal as the term brony kinda connects it into being brony in general and i dont know if its really that good of a identifier when using it in more global scale? 

    1. Varrack


      I think it is. In my opinion it would be more unique to you but whatever you choose

    2. ooBrony


      yeah I been starting to use ooReiko couple days ago on some services though im not sure if i should change it everywhere to that since my current name has some history behind it and i wouldnt want to discard that.

      i wasnt really thinking back then when i chose the name back then when i joined and now its starting to bite me back =/

  13. if i dont count the time i was sick this spring last time i was sick was around 2010-ish i think
  14. Thanks for following me.



    1. ooBrony


      aww :hug: =)=)=) you very welcome my friend =)=) im always happy following so creative people like you =)