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  1. Feels like more time has passed than it actually has passed 

    1. Altastrofae
    2. Tacodidra


      Sometimes... but at other times it's the other way around for me! Time is strange... :muffins:

  2. Oono Akira

    What is "canon"?

    Everything that you see as canon is canon. Canon is subjective at it's core and no one can force it objectively on people. Sure there are some general guidelines but it is up to you to decide if you follow them or not in the end
  3. Oono Akira

    World influence, USA or Ze Deutschland

    I think EU is pretty good and personally I like the values it pushes more than the USA which I see as pretty messy place in general. Would pick almost any EU country over USA to live in because of that.
  4. Oono Akira

    What Was Your First Profile Pic?

    this then some kind of neon Rarity though i cant find the pic anymore after that this was pretty long time
  5. Oono Akira

    Things that make you feel young/old

    Young Education Old the fact that I rememberusing VHS tapes
  6. Oono Akira

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    Snow isn't good it's too cold and messy it has nice aesthetic though on some days
  7. Check my phone and if there is time I rest some more. If I don't need to go anywhere I go straight to my computer
  8. Like around 3-5years back I guess
  9. Planning on buying the rift headset 

  10. Oono Akira

    Health What Do You Do When You Have A Headache?

    I go to sleep in a dark room light only makes it worse
  11. Depends if they are more like buddies that were seeing from time to time or basically been together all times for the first couple decades of their life
  12. Oono Akira

    Was your internet ever locked down as a kid?

    We didn't have internet till I was 8-10 and there were no blocks whatsoever Dunno if it would have turned out better if there were blocks though
  13. Feeling more anxious than usual rn


    1. Tacodidra


      I hope you feel better soon, my friend! :kindness:

  14. Oono Akira

    General How "Pure" are you?

    Not pure by general standards though I prefer to live by my own standards these days
  15. Oono Akira

    How Do You Sneeze?

    I tap my chest multiple times with my fingers and then sneeze with my hand in front of my mouth