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Everything posted by Yoouyu

  1. Here we make our stand.

  2. I think that crying isn't anything bad at all, but the society these days makes it seem like it is. I have cried many times at school and at home I cry kinda often if you compare to someone else. However I try not to cry at school anymore, because I feel so embarrassed and weak when I do. Everyone just watches at me saying nothing that is the worst feeling. You just wish that you could hide under a rock. I don't know but when I heard someone that called me crybaby that just stroke me really deep. So deep that I can still feel it. That might be the reason why I hide all my feelings when I'm in front of everyones eyes. So yes I'm afraid of crying. I try all my best to not to cry, but if I feel attacked or insulted in front of other people I just can't stop it. I also cry if someone yells at me. Sometimes I cry if I get some praise that strike really deep into me. When I cry I think that means the action made affected me deeply. I don't know if you guys cry, but I can't remember seeing many people cry in my life. I've never seen adult man crying in front of me. My dad never cries and when I ask why he says that he cries inside and I don't know what that means. I've seen that some people say that crying makes you less man, but I don't believe that. I think they say that because of the stereotypes which affect the world too much these days I think. I think crying is better way to express emotions than anger. Crying don't hurt anyone anger does. Do you think it's bad thing to cry? What do you think about crying? Does crying make you somehow less tough? What are your experiences with crying?
  3. when i looking deviantART i see lot artists are girls not so many boys?
  4. Which one of the Shift butons you use when you need to capitalize a letter =)=)=)=)=)=)=) Left shift =)=)=)=)=) or Right shift =)=)=)=)=)=) Imyself use 100% left<3
  5. kinda out right now

  6. Based on my continuous recent feeling
  7. Idk maube jonas as others feel more distant for some reason
  8. Yoouyu

    no critique ⊱⋅ January's Art ⋅⊰

    lovely designs, enjoyable to look at
  9. happy birthday!

    1. Sunny Fox

      Sunny Fox

      Thank you, Yoouyu! :)

  10. Yoouyu

    staff And in this corner ...

    Denim venom something about that name makes me want to say it every time i see it also good job!
  11. Somehow I've been feeling that my place even on this site is starting to fade, doesn't really leave me much to work with tbh 

    Doesn't help that my feeling these days really has not been the best either

    1. Tacodidra


      I hope things get better for you soon! :kindness:

    2. Lulaypp


      I felt that way when I came back late last year as well. It was admitedly pretty depressing.

      But there are still people who might remember you. Like me for instance.

    3. Yoouyu


      i been feeling pretty odd these days half the time i feel kinda good but when i start to think about my feeling it gets pretty bad 

  12. Yoouyu

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Looks like Boogiepop had only a slow start getting pretty good with the last ep
  13. As a SAI user painting in Photoshop feels different and seems like it'll take time before I can do anything with it properly  

    1. Usager


      Photoshop have a different brush setting.

      While stroke in sai kinda blur, in photoshop is fully rendered, thats also why the brushes in photoshop are slower, the better the pc the better photoshop works.

      Borodante (on youtube) explain it pretty well, seek borodante sai :3!

    2. Yoouyu


      Yeah just downloaded some brushes for Photoshop and already starting to get the hang of it.

  14. Best convo was with @JonasDarkmane @DashYoshi Eduardo_Brony, Paladin @Princess Moony and @skysweep maybe there was IdonotspeakEnglish and cosmicspark too but I seem to have deleted the convo so I don't renember
  15. Yoouyu

    Your favorite picture sharing site?

    Big issue for me Da is superior site in regards of art and the artists
  16. Yoouyu

    General What techniques makes art good

    What makes art good is the heart you put into it with that in mind i think anyone is able to draw good art
  17. Yoouyu

    What is your Home?

    Home can be many different things... I call place where I can go and be safe home. Home where I can express my feelings freely and where I can enjoy things and not worry about them. I don't have to worry what other people think about me when I'm at home. My fears feel more distant and negativity goes away I can be happy. I can be the one who I really am. I don't need to put on some masks and pretend to be someone else. Home still doesn't mean that all bad goes away. There are bad things in world and they never go away, but at home you don't need to worry about that. Well you can worry if you want. but what is the reason of worrying if you can be happy? I'm now truly happy I can be first time ever the one who I really am! I always hided it, because I wasn't home yet, but on this one happy day I searched Google My Little Pony Forum and guess what came first. I was peeking here long couple months and I saw this place was different. There was something special here, something unique... Then I decided to join and the feeling got stronger over time. Until I figured it out. I can call MLP Forums my home and YOU guys did it. YOU are awesome don't ever forget that. Home is amazing feeling and I hope all of you can experience it if you haven't yet. What is your home? How you define home? What are your experiences with home?
  18. Been a while since I been satisfied with my own art

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus



       It's just pretty frustrating when my skills are so limited, being basically one level above stick figures  Drawing humans, that's one of the things I'm worst at too

      That's almost word to word to how I would describe myself :P and also, like I stated earlier, simplicity isn't bad, it can actually be good in many cases, and I myself am also going towards lot simpler style than I originally planned to.

      Look at some drawing hints and practice on little things, for example, I have a page full of heads in my sketchbook, nothing else, just small heads, and surprise surprise, I practiced heads when I did it :P 

    3. Tacodidra


      @Catpone Cerberus I definitely agree on simplicity not necessarily being bad, that example you posted is a good one! :)

      And sometimes even the first draft might be the best! There was this one character I came up with just by scribbling some random stuff out of boredom. The design changed a bit later on, but then I found the original drawing again... I realized it looked a lot better than the later versions! :wau:

    4. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      That's true too, but in can be other way around also, for example the gray pony I posted was my Ponysona before the Catpone. They are technically the same character :mlp_please:

  19. Yoouyu

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Just watched The promised neverland = best anime this season imo
  20. Yoouyu

    Do you blush?

    Do you blush? If so why? Do you like to blush? Have you seen someone else blush? I blush a lot and I don't like that feeling. I wish that I would be able to choose when to blush and when not. I don't know why I blush in so many situations, but here are couple examples when I blush: I blush when someone watches me to the eye, I just feel that someone is monetizing me and I feel so vulnerable I feel that all my flaws are there for them to see. I blush if someone is calling my name more than once, I don't know why I do that but I just feel that my name is embarrassing. I blush when I'm supposed to say something but I have nothing to say, it feels so awkward when that happens. I blush if I fail at something in front of others. I blush when I talk about my feelings and opinions that other people may not accept. I blush sometimes when I'm praised. One time I was at school eating lunch. Then these guys came to me at the same table. I blushed and this one guy then said "You're all red". I felt SO awkward and embarrassed I just wanted to hide somewhere and be out of sight. Everyone was looking at me it felt so bad. I just quickly ate my lunch and then I went out I don't remember if I cried, but I probably did. That one incident may be partly the reason why I don't eat at school anymore. What do you think about blushing? What are your experiences with blushing? Would you tell someone if you see them blush?
  21. Yoouyu

    Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    Cat's are superior species. Dogs are filth that pollute the earth
  22. Yoouyu

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Watched Premieres of Dororo and Mob Psycho 100 II gotta say that this season has some pretty strong ones if they can keep this up
  23. Yoouyu

    Why Do You Like The Forums?

    I'd say that this place has something that many other places don't have which makes it special and I think that thing is not directly related to the options provided above but they do benefit from it. What I'm talking about is some kind of sense of being able to voice yourself in a manner that enables your freedom. What I think contributes into this feeling is the staff and the guidelines of the community as well as how they have been adapting together over the years. Another factor has to be MLP the subject of the community and the factor that brought the community together providing a strong sense of gentleness into this site which you don't really find on many other sites. Many forums and sites I've browsed seem pretty toxic in nature or hostile environments and people don't seem to care about that. Lot of them also plagued with memes and other cheap content that doesn't really add anything to anything which kinda destroys the feeling of a contributing community for me. Looking at this site I think it's pretty rare to see this kind of community in this day and age which I think makes it pretty special.
  24. feels like im different than i was yesterday

    1. JonasDarkmane


      Coming close to a philosophy that I have and that is that you are not who you were years ago (or even months or days ago if you prefer). A separate soul from the one that used your body as a host a few years back. 

    2. Yoouyu


      Interesting observation. The similarities feel like they exist but when I look closely it is as if they were there only because I put them there in the first place or want them to be there for some reason. It is not like they were there by default.

      My line of thinking suggests that they were there from the beginning but was there really anything in there at the  beginning. As we are products of our own actions and choices before the choice the choice was not present it is only present after and while it has been done. 

      It is baked into yourself quickly after that usually without any major leads on how you can trace yourself back to it effectively. That might be the point when something new entirely is born from yourself. Adapting into the changing environment changes everything including the core of your being.

      Can you really identify as something you were before if that something is fundamentally different compared to your current predicament. Even if some parts are similar the way they adapt you into situations is ever changing which in turn undermines the said similarity to a point where it is not really relevant anymore.