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  1. Would be pretty interesting situation in regards of food industries, the price of the food and how it would affect the behaviour of the society in general in the long run. Would the society adopt a new way of living without eating? Would it be better or worse that way? Eating would become something like a luxury
  2. If eating food would become something that wouldn't be necessary for our survival would you still eat it?
  3. Yu Ziyuan

    Hello! Im Fluttershy4ever and I'm new to the community.

    Welcome I hope you can have good time here
  4. Yu Ziyuan

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Watched 2 seasons of gdgd Fairies gotta say krkr is best girl
  5. Yu Ziyuan

    Are Computers Magic?

    Magic by definition describes a concept of something in which the one describing it cannot grasp how the concept itself actually operates or works precisely and what the said operation requires to operate in that fashion. So if you dont understand computers you could say subjectively that they are magic, but since there are people who understand them you cannot state it as an objective fact. Magic as a concept is basically only subjective as if something exists there is always someone who knows or was someone who knew how it worked in order to create it in the first place. As you cannot create something with some purpose in mind without knowing how it operates to achieve that purpose
  6. Women are not usually better taking care of children, though usually they still end up taking care of them since if dad's don't want the responsibility usually they just run off. It is a question that cannot be defined by gender it's more up to the individual in question. Sure the mothers are in a position where it is easier for them to take care of the child because of their physical connection to it. But that doesn't necessarily mean that their care is better than the care their dad gives them. You cannot really say something is objectively better than something else entirely it is always up to the individuals in question at this situation only one who can say what is better and what isn't is the child itself. Though sometimes even that isn't the case since if the child cannot see their own good they might not recognize what is actually good for them. So that being said there really is not necessarily an objective truthful answer yo this question on any levels. Something that you might feel subjectively could be completely turned against you in a objectively different environment and situation.
  7. Yu Ziyuan

    General Are you scared of spiders?

    Spiders aren't natural something in them screams that something is off to me.
  8. With the avatars being the only visual representation of the said user it is hard to not to let them affect on how you experience/identify the user in question. I have a habit of discerning more about the avatars than usually is necessary. Which leads to situations where avatars that I am fond of I think differently about than those that I cannot identify the user or experience with the user with. However it also works another way around where the behaviour of the user affects how I see the avatars so that is pretty interesting concept aswell
  9. Folks making the traditional Finnish Christmas foods :/

    1. Lulaypp


      Huh. Is it fun/nice?

    2. Yu Ziyuan

      Yu Ziyuan

      its alright but i never liked those foods

    3. Lulaypp
  10. Yu Ziyuan

    Feel, Not Think

    Its simple people usually let their feelings overcome them and because of that their reaction is stronger. Stronger reaction leads to more people hearing about the thing in question which is basically free advertising. Doesn't really matter if it's positive or negative to those people. So basically if you can generate something that incites a lot of strong feelings in people you are going to get more attention which equals more popularity which in turn equals more money. That's why the news are all about some random disasters or accidents even if they were completely irrelevant these days as those news sell more than news that don't have such deep effect on how people feel. It's why I have stopped consuming the mainstream media or basically any media as most of it is corrupted with aforementioned system.
  11. Yu Ziyuan

    Who I Am (A Cry For Help, Part 4)

    It feels like the society's norms on how people 'should' be are at play here making lot of people feel not good myself included. Sometime ago though I realized that those norms were causing me to suffer so after that I started working towards erasing them and their power to affect me. Even though I've been trying to do that I think it's pretty hard to do that while you are living as a part of that society as everything is basically hammering those norms and standards into you making you feel pretty bad seeing yourself against them. Next thing I've been trying is to basically ignore the mainstream outlets of society and start using shows/movies/other things to escape the reality/society as it is in order to rid myself of the influence it has over me. Doing that long enough combined with my practice of not giving importance to irrelevant things has brought me into a state where I don't really care about society much at all.
  12. Yu Ziyuan

    Who I am.

    I actually felt like that quite long time after I joined here and I still feel like that somewhere deep within me. What I can say here is that everyone is and can only be themselves. You can only be yourself and I can only be myself. That is something that makes the world so rich. No one really needs to be anything at all they can just be who they are. And I can guarantee you that the world and every one is lot more interesting that way. It wouldn't be interesting if everyone was the same. Our differences make us interesting. Two people cannot see things same way. They can only describe how they see it with words and language to express what and how they are viewing things to other people and I personally think that it's beautiful exchange to be had as both parties can grow from each others perspectives and that is the true joy of living. This blog post is another example of that you are sharing your unique view of your own situation and people here are able to grasp it through the thread of communication and words. It is something special to witness these situations as there are never two situations like this that are exactly same with each other every time is different and new opportunity for everyone to learn and move forward. I think the key of getting past the roadblock that was brought up in here is to accept yourself as who you are. It might be easier said than done but I think it's still important
  13. Yu Ziyuan

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Finished Gankutsuou and Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 and 9 of Teekyuu
  14. if you ask me world would be a better place if people stopped caring about stupid things like gender or anything like that and would start to appreciate each other as fellow human beings. you yourself have right to do what ever you want with your body yeah and men dont need to understand that about their bodies
  15. Yu Ziyuan

    General Do men ever face sexism and double standards?

    Every day its why i wouldve preferred to be born as a female