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  1. Hey everypony, how're you all doing? :D

    Didn't get the car, already got sold... :(

    oh well, hoping everypony else is having a great day! *Huggles* :pinkie:


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    2. Shineling


      yeah, using a mountain bike for that now :P

    3. KTAG


      Well just be careful. My dad just F***ed up his right pinkie finger yesterday on his motor bike, and it wasn't even going 5 miles an hour. 

    4. Shineling


      Oh I know that I gotta be careful. I've been hit by a car before after all. Walked away from it okay though; felt a bit bad, might've scratched their paint.. My old bike wasn't as lucky as me, lol..

  2. *Huggles* Got a new Mountain bike today! :yay: (Hopefully this one doesn't throw me off in front of a car :P )

    Hope everypony is doing well!


    Also.. cute derpy pic! (Which I do not follow the advice of.. at all. Even if the pic is cute, I do all the nonsense and talking I want! I'll be adorable and nopony can stop me! :catface:





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    2. Shineling




      More good news! Someone nearby is moving away, as she can't take care of herself without assistance, and they're interested in selling the car that they're leaving behind for 100$! One step closer to not having to bike to work! :D

    3. Lenny


      Huh, good to hear. There are scrap places, if they are too far gone.

    4. The_Gobo


      Well then. That was a thing. XD

  3. Good night everypony :) *Huggles*

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    2. WiiGuy2014


      Sweet dreams, Shineling!

    3. Lil' Lovebug
    4. KTAG


      Night Shineling. Sleep well friend. *Huggles back*

  4.  Ssssyo Shiny. If I may call you that; you do have a rather nice carapace I might add. But I feel I must ask...

      I find that muffins tend to be rather... bran-y. You know... dense... rather chewy & hard. Cupcakes I can see, but I do doubt the platability of muffins. Indeed.

    *slowly lifts a monocle up*

      May I perchance tempt you with the notion that pancakes are the superior pastry?

    1. Shineling


      If that is your belief good sir Widdy, then I must disabuse you of such a notion as you have obviously not yet had a proper muffin to eat.


      Admittedly the baking of a proper muffin is no easy feat..


      But a proper muffin is neither dense nor bran-y, but a perfect blend of flavorfully baked bread and flavor; melting in your mouth in a way meant to savor.


      I will admit that I do love me some pancakes; Fluffy, rich, and quite well with syrup and butter.. But I can't abandon my lemon poppyseed muffins, even if you may call me a nutter. :catface:

    2. Widdershins


      Posh, poppyseed? You trigger drug tests with those!  That's what Seinfield taught me!

        That's the miracle to pancakes you know, is it doesn't have to be sweet. There's "Korean Pancakes" which, while probably being notably different in recipe, allows you to fold in vegtables, potatoes and even leafy stuff into a bready, fluffy meal! Ontop of portability, you can mix just about literally anything into it so the flavors overwhelm the batter taste while the batter supplies the texture! And texture is important to my tastes!

        Why, I am this close to making a Ketchup & Sardine pancake! ...wonder where that saurkraut went?...

      Though, suppose I can't judge if I've never even tried to bake my own muffins over storebought. But I do prefer the handy disc over that... cylinder? You can't stack muffins ca-... well, okay, maybe you can. But either way... I'd be glad to call you my Nutter Brudder!


    3. Shineling


      I could go for some Crapes. :catface:


  5. *Huggles* How's everypony doing today? :D


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    2. KTAG


      I'm good. How are you Shineling. *Huggles back*

    3. Shineling


      @KTAG: Pretty great, if a bit tired. glad to hear you're doing good! Muffin? *Offers muffin*

    4. KTAG


      Hell yeah I'll take a muffin. *takes muffin* Thanks :D

  6. *Huggles* Hope it all goes smoothly, get well soon and we'll be eagerly awaiting your return! With muffins!
  7. Found a picture of an old drawing I made (Which I no longer have) it was supposed to be of Luna, but for some reason I gave her slit pupils... Ah well, I was bad at drawing anyways. :P


    Anyways, how's everypony else doing today? :)


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    2. Lil' Lovebug

      Lil' Lovebug

      @Widdershins I have more where that came from.

      @Shineling We always criticize our art the worst.

    3. Lenny


      I can't draw. But I can make digital art, but it got taken down for being offensive lol.

    4. Lenny


      "digital art" 

      Lol sure, it's not art. If you want to see it.

  8. *Huggles everypony* Ooo~, forums got fancier shmancier! x3

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    2. KTAG


      *Huggles back* Yeah it's strange but we'll get used to it

    3. WiiGuy2014


      Yeah, it might take a few days to see how to get around this new design...

    4. Widdershins


      What is this sourcery now? The capacity to put actual gifs into status responses? I shalt never fully comprehend the full capacity of this technology!