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    @Blitz Boom Pinkie giggled and patted Blitz on the head, "Don't worry Blitzy, just got a little sleepies from the sciency stuffs, maybe if it was more exciting and less techy termy big word stuffs then I.. Umm... Ooo~, cupcakes!" Pinkie began explaining herself to the explosives filly, but was quickly distracted by some cupcakes that she found... somehow. "Yummy! You want some Blitzy?" She offered, holding out a plate full of cupcake. "They're really really good!" "Oh, well there might not be sock-exclusive inter-dimensional travel, but I do know there's this living portal that likes to eat hats and send them to a random dimension." Storm responded with a shrug, "Nice guy actually, assuming that it has a gender anyways... never thought to ask that... But it was willing to answer some questions in exchange for a few of my old hats, usually it just tries to eat one or two when nopony is looking, so to have somepony willing to offer it hats was some kind of treat I guess, or at least a novelty, heh." He chuckled, "Not like I ever really wore them anyways, I'm not much of a hat pony. but they went to a good cause, at least. I think..."
  2. *Huggles and yawns, offering Mesme a muffin* Thankies! ^-^ *Falls asleep*
  3. Open

    @Blitz Boom Storm shrugged slightly, "Well I know about Magnetic Confinement fusion, and I know what electromagnetism is.." He replied, "But I don't know what a Multi-dimensional 'hyper module' is. My best guess would be that it's a powered module that could create a multidimensional gateway array, but that's just a guess." Pinkie yawned slightly, beginning to fall asleep on Storm's back. "Magnet dimension thingies..?"
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    @Blitz Boom Pinkie giggled, quickly grabbing the punching box and using it to push Storm onto the big flower thingy before tossing it and jumping on it herself, "Flower, away!" she called, waving a wooden cutlass into the air and wearing an eyepatch. "You know I would've jumped on it myself.." Storm grumbled slightly, though he couldn't be upset as Pinkie nuzzled him happily. "So, where is this going anyways?" He asked Anomaly.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, been pretty busy lately studying for my A+ Certification tests. *Huggles everypony* Thanks for the patiencenesses!
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    @Blitz Boom Storm and Pinkie laughed a bit at the two sibling's eagerness, "Well, I guess we'd better find a place where it can't cause any trouble then." Storm suggested with a smile, "And then yes, we can set it off and you two can see what it does. Just make sure to point it in the right direction." Pinkie giggled, "I can see Stormy setting if off in the wrong direction. Pow! Right in the muzzle." Storm sighed and shook his head, exasperated but amused, "You're never going to let that punch-box accident go, are you?" "Nopers!" Pinkie chirped with a grin, jumping up to stand on his head. She leaned over until she was practically muzzle-to-muzzle with him, "It was pretty funny after all :P"
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    @Blitz Boom Pinkie was busting a gut (Not literally) laughing about Molotov and the banana smile when Anomaly spit out an explosive device some explodey looking thing. "Oooo~" Pinkie exclaimed, bouncing over to look at the firework that Anomaly had coughed up, "That looks like it would be pretty fun!" "Be careful" Storm warned, watering the fruit tree with some pear cider he got from.. somewhere.. "I don't think Mayor Mare would be happy if that causes any problems with fixing things." "Awww..." Pinkie pouted, having really wanted to see what the firework could do. "But.. But.. Fun pretty explodey thingy~.." "I'm not saying we can't use it." Storm amended, munching on a muffin, "I'm just saying to be careful about setting it off, I know Blitzy mostly knows what she's doing, but you can be a bit reckless Pinkie. Well, both of you can be, but Blitzy's more used to handling explosives." "Psh, I know how to handle explosives!" Pinkie replied, nonchalantly flipping a hoof at Storm as she rolled her eyes, "This end goes away from ponies and you put fire on this end!" She finished, pointing at the fuse and the opposite side of the fuse. "See? I know how boomy things work!"
  8. Open

    @Blitz Boom Pinkie giggled, "Hang on Blitzy!" She chirped as her hair wrapped around Blitzy slightly, like a soft pink seatbelt, before jumping off the building with a "Whee~!!" Storm smiled, "I'll have to plant it under my house then, and get some pear cider at some point." He replied to Anomaly, as he watched his adorable little pet helping herself to the tree's fruity goods. "I'm sure Jessy would really appre-oof!" Storm was cut off by Pinkie's landing on his back, causing him to collapse from the unexpected collison, all fours sprawled out the the sides. "Ugh~...." He moaned slightly, "Pinkie, what have I told you about jumping on me?" Pinkie looked thoughtful, "Umm~... Always land on your head?" Storm nodded slightly before standing up, Pinkie still standing on his back, "You know how sensitive my back can be after all." The blue Pegasus winced and stretched a bit, causing his back to pop a few times. "Ah~.. much better." Pinkie giggled and looked towards where Blitzy was still dangling from her mane, "So Blitzy, did you have fun? I know I did!"
  9. Hmm... Not a fan of how you can't edit some formatting or any colors after your post has been posted now.
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    @Blitz Boom Pinkie giggled at Anomaly and her silly human, "I wouldn't need to tie Stormy up for that, silly." She replied with a grin, "But I bet Stormy would look pretty sharp in a tuxy... Hmm..." Meanwhile, Jezabelle squeaked happily at the tree of fruit; immediately winging her way to the biggest and juiciest banana her little eyes could find. She began to munch on it, peel and all, giving cute little sounds of content as she did. "Aww, Jessy really likes the present Anomaly." Storm said with a smile, watching as the bananas on the tree were systematically devoured. "And I really do enjoy my life, can't complain at the very least." He laughed. Pinkie was broken out of her daydreams of how Storm would look in a tux Very serious thoughts as Molotov made his outburst, causing her to look up at Blitz "Oo~, that looks fun!" She exclaimed, hopping up to stand next to Blitz in a single bound. "Heya Blitzy, you wanna ride my mane down to the ground?" the pink pony offered with a grin, "It's super soft and comfy!" She pushed a hoof into her mess of curls, pushing it down, before removing it and allowing her mane to *puff* back to its normal shape. "And super duper poofy!"
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    @Blitz Boom Welcome to my world - these two are talking to me almost non-stop.. In my room, in the kitchen, at work, even in the bathroom sometimes... Save me? Pinkie giggled, blushing slightly (Hey! No editing what I write Pinkie!) (Nyah nyah :P). "Well I've thought about that, and I think I might ask if he doesn't ask first - After Ponyville is all fixed back up of course!" She sai , still giving Carmen her chin scratches and cooing at how adorable the purring robo-spider was. "Who's a cute spider? You are!" Storm chuckled at Anomaly's questionings. "Well, where to start... as far as my family goes, they own a wheat farm just outside a small town a fair ways from here, and my brother has a fox tail for some reason." He chuckled, "I adopted a foal named Grey Sky after rescuing him from the Everfree Forest, he's been the best son I could ask for.." The blue pegasus gave a fond smile before scratching his chin slightly, "Let's see.. My work is pretty fun, I'm a party planner - I plan most of the party-related events for the Wonderbolts and a few other major clients out of town.. And Pinkie and I do pretty great together, if you ask me! We complement each others oddities :P. Though~... we do tend to get into pastry wars, heh.." At this, Storm began munching on a muffin, "I like muffins and she prefers cupcakes." Storm reached up and gently removed the bat from where it was nesting in his mane, "As for Jezabelle, I got her from Fluttershy - Isn't she just adorable?" He held her up to Anomaly, the little bat blinking cute, if slightly sleepy and confused, eyes at her.
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    @Blitz Boom Storm chuckled as he took the balloon poodle and placed it gently on his head, "Sure, what do you want to know Anomaly?" He asked. A small yellow head popped up from it's perfectly camouflaged spot in his hair, yawning and pushing the balloon poodle down onto Storm's back with Blitz's plushie. "Whoops! Sorry about that Jezabelle, I forgot you were up there." The blue pegasus apologized, gently patting the small head of the yellow fruit bat. Pinkie giggled, moving over to give the bat a quick pet, "Hey Jessy, sleeping good up in Stormy's mane?" The bat yawned cutely and gave a sleepy shrug before laying back down and settling in to sleep some more. "That's Stormy's pet fruit bat, Jezabelle! She's a cutie and really helpful sometimes, but some days she gets kinda sleepy and lazy. I guess today's one of those days." The pink pony introduced with a smile. "Yep, I'm talking to you. Yes you! You reading this silly!" Pinkie said, pointing at what, to most, would seem like empty air. "And especially you mister!" She added with a giggle, pointing at Anomaly's human. "Just because I wanted to say especially! It's a funny word, especially especially especially - Now five times fast! especiallyespeciallyespeciallyespeciallyespecially." Storm chuckled, "That last one had a bit too much 'sss' and not enough 'sh', close though Pinkie." "Aww rats!" Pinkie pouted, "Oh well, I'll get it next time!" She then bounced off to go spoil Carmen a bit more with chin scratchies. "Hey Carmen, do you think anypony else noticed that I'm using different shades of Pink?" She asked the automaton in a sort of stage-whisper, giggling at her little prank. Storm shook his head slightly before looking at Anomaly, "Sorry about that.. So, what did you want to know?"
  13. Open

    @Blitz Boom Storm trotted over, chuckling at the starstruck look on Blitz's face as she enjoyed her cupcake. "Hey Pinkie, how've things been going?" He asked, giving the pink party pony a nuzzle. Pinkie grinned, pulling him into a big hug and nuzzle, "Things have been going great Stormy! I made some paper fish for a paper crane and a paper wolf tried to eat it and it got turned into a paper butterfly and I made some new friends and I gave some love muffins to that changeling-hybrid-guy-or-other, and you came back, and Blitzy is here, and new ponies and This is Anomaly, an awesome fun friend who can make stuff, and, and, and.." She squeezed Storm tighter and swung him around, causing his body to contort slightly and give off a noise not dissimilar to a squeaky toy, "Today is just so FUN-TASTIC!!!!~~" Storm patted her back a bit as she let him down, a big smile on his face. "I'm glad to hear it!" He replied happily before pointing over at Molotov, "By the way, this is Molotov! Blitzy's big brother from a mystery town of sciences and stuffs!" Pinkie gasped happily, running over to take and shake Molotov's hoof, and quite possibly shaking Molotov himself. "Nice to meet you Molotov! So you're Blitzy's brother? You're so lucky! Blitzy is such a great filly, anypony would want to be her family and you get to be that pony!" She took a deep breath after her little rant, "I'm Pinkie Pie by the way, but you can call me Pinkie! Ooo, is that a mecha-spider?! Cool!" she proceeded to appear next to Molotov, attempting to give the mechanical spider a gentle scritchy-scratchy under what could possibly pass for its chin area. "Who's a good spider? I bet you are! Yes you are!"
  14. Open

    @Blitz Boom Pinkie giggled at Anomaly's antics but soon paused, her ears perking up as she heard Blitz's name. "Ooo~! Blitzy, Blitzy, Boom and Ditzy!" She cheered randomly, throwing in the first rhyme-y words she could think of to describe Blitz. "I see my favorite little pyro-technician is getting up to some silliness this way!" She teased, leaning over and ruffling the mane of her favorite fiery filly and offering her a cupcake with a little frosting bomb on the usual frosting swirl. "How've you been Blitzy?"
  15. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Maple Bat @MaryxMelody Pinkie took a sip of her pumpkin juice and giggled as her body stretched out and reverted in silly ways, almost like how her Pinkie Sense reacts to Doozies. "That tickles, hehe..." She took another sip, "Yeah, Grey and Stormy and Blitzy and somepony named Molotov got a little~ bit sidetracked. Well, that's what the script says anyways." The pink pony replied to Anomaly, giving her a conspiratorial wink before turning towards the other two. "And if you're looking for Disco, Fluttershy probably knows where he is! Well, if he's not already hanging around her.. And if she doesn't, she can always call; he usually comes right away. Probably, mostly, sometimes almost always or something." Pinkie's muzzle latched onto her cup and she flipped it upside down, looking into the air as she chugged it. Throwing the cup cup down, where it landed perfectly on the ground looking to all the world as if she had simply set it there, her body began to expand and retract in extreme proportions before settling down... And then the party pony let out a gigantic burp, ruffling the manes of everypony in the area and possibly generating a sound loud enough to be heard in Appaloosa. "Excuse me.." She giggled, "Anyways, yepperooni, to get to Discontented Disco Discord the Draconecheese you probably~ wanna check with Fluttershy. She's got the haps on the Discord chaps." Pinkie said the last sentence after standing up on two legs wearing some 'rapster' apparel, which disappeared the moment her front hooves touched the ground again.