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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord, having been keeping an eye on Omen, did not miss the twitchy leg. "Hmm..." Discord hummed to himself and began keeping a closer eye on Omen with a pair of opera glasses made from milk chocolate. He was quickly forced to just keep a normal eye on her again, however, after eating said opera glasses.
  2. You been doing alright recently, Shiny? Haven't checked in on you in a while.

      Haven't gotten you to touch back on to what I was trying to do to get involved with you over in the Casual Stroll. Was kind of excited to play off your Pinkie Pie with my own giddy guy.

    Hope your doing alright!... and that you didn't get ran over again, heh.

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Haven't gotten ran over again just yet, just been busy with work. Got a lot of new responsibilities and it's been tiring me out. I went from just being a technician, to being a technician, and the guy who answers all of the phones, and the guy who schedules out all of the onsite appointments, and the guy to make all of the tickets, and the guy who makes almost all of the outgoing calls, and the guy who is the main point of communication between our partner companies and between our customers, and the guy who mails stuff out, and who signs for the packages, and makes sure the technicians are keeping up on their tickets, and more. It's been pretty tiring to be honest, and I've only been doing it for about two or three weeks.

      Still, I've been trying to get on more often after work, just don't always get the chance. :squee: 


      How've you been doing Widdershins?

    2. Widdershins


      Augh! He's got flesh on him now! It's sooo weird!        Oh hush, me.

       Well, at least they paying you more for it, right? More responsibility, higher pace, they oughta respect you more for it! I can hear you, I'm aiming to pin down my own job eventually; so here's hoping we both can keep treadin' water, eh?

       Something I always wanted to ask, especially now that you've sorta flopped sides what with the Avvie n' all. You have two 'sona characters? The Changeling & the Pegasus? I'd say they're one and the same, but think I read you had an adopted son/little brother.

  3. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord mumbled to himself as he snapped his paws several times, wreaking several odd changes around them in his attempts to try and magically stir a reaction from Omen. A sudden blizzard, followed by a steaming desert, and then actual desserts surrounded them before the area nearby returned to normal... If you ignored the banana-fish swimming in the air around them. "I don't understand enough about her species to really know what's wrong." He said in disappointment, looking at his own paws. Few times had the lord of chaos ever felt so helpless, but without enough direction he wasn't sure how much he could do without possibly hurting her. "But there must be something.." He settled down into a high-backed chair and blew on a bubble-pipe that began producing parasprite-shaped bubbles that flew into the air and occasionally 'ate' one another as he began to think, calling on his vast years of knowledge. "Hmmm" Discord looked over thoughtfully at the news that a piece might have broken off. "That.. Could be the reason." Every little piece would likely count towards her continued existence in this realm after all, given the way her kind is. He didn't have enough knowledge of them to say for sure, but it was certainly possible at least.
  4. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord began worriedly checking over Omen, "No, no, no.." He muttered, "This isn't right at all." The chaotic being began tapping seemingly random spots on her body as he muttered to himself. "It couldn't have been the crystals.. Then again, with an interrupted ritual.." Discord looked at those who were awake, "That madpony's botched ritual must've altered the crystals somehow to have affected her like this" He brushed slightly at Omen's mane, "Something about it has reduced her to this... Catatonic state. She's not moving, she's not breathing, and she's not dead, but she's not conscious.."
  5. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord nodded as he clicked his claws together, causing the diamond casing of the pony to spit the pony out... quite literally. It then proceeded to dance away from the area to the music of 'Hello my baby', decked out with a sparkling new obsidian tophat and cane (Quite similar to this, in fact. Except that it's actually dancing away, not back and forth ). "Even I recognize that suffocation may be serious business, but its prevention sure doesn't have to be." The chaotic being chuckled, watching the crystal shell dance away.
  6. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord shrugged even as he snapped his claws, instantly teleporting the rest of the crystallized ponies out of the cave and a safe distance away. "Well my dear Fluttershy is such a brave soul, despite being so terribly shy." He tapped his chin in thought, "Why, I dare say she's quite chaotic in her own right in that way. Not to mention that she is the first true friend I've ever had." @Blitz Boom Storm and Pinkie tilted their heads as they took in the many odd sights of Anomaly's world. "Why does that rock seem so familiar..." Storm wondered aloud.
  7. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord shrugged, "It used to be." He replied, ignoring the comment about dark humour. "It was almost wiped out at one point but now it's probably becoming more abundant now that there aren't as many Dracrystalline around to keep it in check. Thankfully it doesn't multiply fast enough to be a problem for, about..." Discord counted on his claw, growing more digits as he did. "Twenty years or so?" The extra digits fell off, becoming mice that quickly scurried away.
  8. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord laughed and clapped as though watching an amusing stage show, "Oh Bravo!" He chuckled, "A Refraction, or at least that's what I call them, (Sometimes I call them Dracrystalline depending on my mood) I'd thought that they'd gone all but extinct!" He then points at the crystal attempting to flee the feeding draconic creature, "And showing up just as we find it's natural prey - Ethereal Emeralds. Also known as Changeling Emeralds, Vampire Gems, The Creeping Green, Crystalline Death, Etc Etc, yadda yadda." Discord rolled his eyes and various appendages in a dismissive gesture, "It's good to see they haven't all died out though, these little ones keep dangerous gems and crystals like this under control." The Draconequus grinned. "However you really don't have to worry, there's much worse crystals than these- Roving Rubies or Dire Diamonds for example." Discord magicked one of the other crystal-covered ponies out of the cave. "Now that I know for sure what these are, I can tell you that these ponies are absolutely dead." He paused for a moment, as though confused, and then quickly pulled a sheaf of papers out and shuffled through them while muttering to himself. "Ah! No, sorry, that was a typo. These ponies are absolutely NOT dead. They're just in a sort of stasis." He flicked a green crystal off of one of his claws and towards the more crystalline drake. "Given a couple decades or so of being covered, yes they would have died, but as it is they're perfectly safe." Discord sighed to himself, "Oh Exposition, why do you haunt me so?" He then turned and glared at the human currently typing his lines, "And YOU had better have my cheese ready."
  9. Open

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta Discord rubbed at his chin thoughtfully even as he conjured a bit of rope that he then handed to Clayton. "Well I'm sure there's a few that may work to free them, but I'm not certain how effective they would be with magically reactive crystals. Depending on how reactive the crystals covering the ponies are to Chaos, and the effects of the reactions, I would have to tweak the spells..." He glanced at the crystal encased Omen, "But I'm sure there's hope. Not to brag.." The Draconequus buffed his claws against his chest, "But I do more than magic, I bend the very reality around us, warping Chaos to my will. There's no magic that can resist the unbridled power of Chaos that I command."
  10. Got to see my big brother again for the first time in at least a year yesterday! :pinkie:


    And the icing on the awesome cake? We went to see the My Little Pony movie!!! :yay::pinkie::squee:


    It was awesome, really well done - The story flowed really well, the serious moments were well placed and the comedy was well timed as well. I found myself shaking my head at Twilight a lot though.. Still, the way the art was done in the movie was amazing, everything was so much more detailed than usual and the way they did it created a very pronounced 3-D effect; everything seemed to have a much greater sense of depth than you would see in the regular episodes or the Equestria Girls movies. I think that the effect was most pronounced with the backgrounds and with the eyes for the majority of the movie.

    There's a lot more that I want to say, but I don't want to be putting spoilers in here :derp:


    Oh, oh, oh, and the best thing?(Slight spoilers)


    A storm rolled in IRL just as the villain first appeared along with some storm effects in the movie and we got thunder IRL just in time to set a perfect tone towards the end of her speech. Wasn't in the movie, the thunder just appeared in perfect timing IRL to emphasize things

    We were going to catch the 1:30PM showing, but we didn't manage to get there until 7PM because his tire blew out on the road. Ended up having to wait two hours to get towed to wal-mart, and another hour or two while they replaced his tire. Still, the wait was well worth it - Plus it gave us the perfect timing to have the storm rolling in IRL along with that spot in the movie, like I said in the slight spoiler. It doesn't really give anything specific about the movie, but I put it in a spoiler thing anyways just in case. :squee: 

    1. KTAG


      Glad you got to see it in theaters. I want to see it SOOO badly, but I doubt I'll be able too.

    2. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      I can help KTAG. :P

  11. Open

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom "It may be for the best that I wait for you here then" Discord commented upon hearing Clayton's claim in regards to the emeralds. "Given that I am quite literally the magical embodiment of Chaos, there's no way for even myself to anticipate how the crystals may react to my very presence." He reasoned. @Blitz Boom Pinkie gasped in horror, "Who would ever eat a breezy!?" She exclaimed, giving a sad kicked puppy look at the very thought. "Don't worry Pinkie, she was just giving an example of something that wouldn't be approved of" Storm comforted his very suddenly distraught marefriend, "Nopony would ever actually do something like that." "Oh, phew." Pinkie sighed in relief, "Well we could always throw a PARRR-TEH~!" She suggested loudly, pulling out her party cannon and firing it off a couple of times with a big grin.
  12. Open

    @Blitz Boom Storm at back, throwing his forelegs into the air, "And all of their muffins shall be mine, Mwahahahahaha~!" He laughed maniacally. Pinkie promptly smacked him upside the head. "Sorry" @EQ_Theta "I have just the thing!" Discord exclaimed as he suddenly began spinning in a vertical circle, faster and faster until his head and the tip of his tail made contact - Upon that contact, a portal was born in Discord's place, blooming into a swirling bright existence as he himself was transported to the portal's destination: Fillydelphia, just a short walk away from the Gem's original home,
  13. Open

    @EQ_Theta Discord smiled gently at the Element of Kindness, "It would seem that Omen has truly gone missing." He said, "I've offered to help Lin here find her." Discord then dispersed the outfit he was wearing in favor of simply floating upside down. "Omen is, in a way, my responsibility after all."
  14. Open

    @Blitz Boom Pinkie quickly hopped over to the yelping Tony Haw- er.. Anthony and Hawk, grabbing the poor stumbling pup and quickly situating the creature on the nearest solid, non-bouncy surface, "Are you guys okay?" She asked worriedly. Storm opted to fly over instead of bouncing, checking the dogs over a bit "Don't worry Pinkie, they were just a bit startled is all." he concluded, "They don't really know how to walk on bouncy surfaces." "What!?" Pinkie exclaimed, "Everypony should know how to bounce!" "Pinkie, Dogs really aren't meant to run around on bouncy ground." Storm explained, "That's why they panicked the way they did." "Oh" @EQ_Theta "Not to worry my dear!" Discord exclaimed, the musical setup disappearing. "I am an excellent tracker!" Discord suddenly appears from behind the pony, wearing a classic Sherlock Holmes outfit and examining the area with a magnifying glass. "We shall find our dear missing Omen in no time!" Unbeknownst to the two, inside the house, one of Fluttershy's teacups suddenly cracked down the center. Hopefully that isn't a bad omen (I had to ) of things to come from this adventure.
  15. Open

    @Blitz Boom "We weren't eating each other, silly!" Pinkie giggled from the ground, where the two had landed in a heap. "We were eating the yummy yummy jellyjams!" Storm stood up and brushed a bit of dust off of both himself and Pinkie, "You know, I really like this place, it's about as weird as the three of us." He chuckled before the two ponies jumped through the door. (Huh, Stormy's been getting calmer lately... Oh well, that muffin-jam infusion should do the trick! Lack of muffins was getting to me-him-us. One of those. Maybe all of those!) "Ooo~, dark and bouncy! It's like Surprise Bouncy!" Pinkie exclaimed happily from within the where-ever it was that the portal had dropped them. "Oof!" -And then she promptly collided with Storm, given that neither could see where they were bouncing. "Surpise?" She giggled somewhat apologetically. @EQ_Theta "Plan B it is then!" Discord shouted suddenly, a finder raised to the sky in a heroic pose- One he managed for all of two seconds before bursting into laughter. "Ah~, I can never seem to do that with a straight face." He said, wiping a tear from his suddenly crooked face. Then he clapped, fixing his visage within the blink of an eye, "Anyways.." He said, slightly serious "Time for plan Bee!" Suddenly a whole swarm of Bees flew down around Discord, shielding him from view for a few moments. When they left he was holding a honeycomb guitar with strings of honey and had a vine trailing from one end of the guitar up to what looked almost like a Bee-hive. "And with a Buzz of the strings, we can rock!" He exclaimed, bringing his paw down hard on the strings. There was a sudden burst of noise across every single spectrum of sound as he did so, resonating at every frequency in a loud chord. And of course, Discord being Discord, he began play Flight of the Bumblebee, starting out somewhat slowly but getting faster and faster, louder and louder. (Not painfully so (Due to magic), but somehow still enough to likely have been heard in the neighboring dimensions) It actually sounded quite good, even across every spectrum of sound...