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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Thanks muchly :pinkie:


      (Sorry for late reply, been pretty busy with College and stuffs so not much time to check over everywheres)

    2. Denim&Venöm


      Hey, better late than never right? 

  2. I made an Apple :derp: :catface:




    1. PuddingPonyPal


      Oooooooo pixel art! 

    2. Blitz Boom

      Blitz Boom

      Tastes like... PC screen. :3

  3. what a cute pony  pic   *booop*

  4. Chopped down and chopped up a tree. carried the tree-logs and other tree-bits an acre or two to throw over a fence. took about four hours... I feel pretty accomplished. was one of those trees with secondary trees growing out of it.

    Did this for a friend, they wanted it chopped down because they're planning on getting solar panels, and apparently it would've blocked the sunlight in the mornings. Feel a little bad for the tree, but happy to help a friend out (even if I ended up doing it by myself :derp: ).

    took a picture about halfway through, it's the littler tree on the right next to the tree stump.


    Other than that, college is going well- almost to the next semester. Feeling happy :) :yay: :squee: 


    How's everypony else doing?


  5. Oof, I was away for a while again.. Sorries. :blush: 

    Had midterms coming up on top of some other assignments, so I've been pretty busy with classwork and stuff. Haven't had much of a chance to check into anything lately, but the midterms are over now! (And then I get to go through it all over again when finals roll around... :worry:)


    Anyways, how has everyone been doing? Hoping the answer is something along the lines of 'Funtastic!', since I'm always hoping everyone is having a good time. :pinkie: :) :squee: 

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    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Yuppers, been doing pretty well aside from the math mid-terms. Not a fan of math for math's sake or academics, since it's mostly trying to memorize stuff instead of actual problem solving, but I'm actually staying ahead in my software development class and keeping on time with everything else, :) :squee: 

    3. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      @Blitz Boom

      Thanks! Thankfully finals are at least a couple months off yet, but I'll be working on getting ready. :) 

      Hope that flu passes soon, assuming it hasn't already. *Huggles*


      edit: Meant to say finals are a couple months off, accidentally put mid-terms. oopsies

    4. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      actually, might only be about a month till finals, seeing as my math class ends early december

  6. hey there!   how are you?

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Sorry for the late reply, had midterms and stuff coming up and I was spending a lot of time studying and stuff. I'm doing pretty well overall though, how about you?


  7. Well, College is going well so far, Hope everypony else is doing great  :) 

    1. Blitz Boom

      Blitz Boom

      Well, forum's still standing, so that's a start. ^_^ Good to read that college isn't beating you down so far.

  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Thanks! :pinkie:


      I was over at a friends house for my birthday, so I couldn't really reply at the time. :squee:

  9. Really late adding a status update about this, but I enjoyed my first (and apparently last) bronycon. Went with my older brother and a couple other guys and had an overall good time. Even got a new Pinkie plush to cuddle from KLPlushies.

    Right now I'm just starting a new semester at college as of today (technically yesterday since it's midnight). Ahead by a week, maybe a week and a half, in the work for my Intro to Software Development and my Web Design classes (All 100% grades so far, yay! :yay:). Starting my math class tomorrow and my Computer Concepts class in September.

    Hope everypony is doing well :mlp_smile:

    1. Snow


      Did I see you there? hard to keep tabs ^_^

    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      I was an excitable guy walking around and hugging pretty much everything I saw as cute, with the nametag 'Storm' and walking around generally with between one or three other guys from my group. I wore a black t-shirt with a shark chasing a swimmer that said 'exercise, some motivation required' the first day, a Pinkie Pie T-shirt the second or third day, and a Chrysalis T-shirt that said 'All I need is love' the third or fourth day :mlp_smile: 

      Edit: I was also carrying a Pinkie plushie starting on like the second or third day.

  10. @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight Sorry about the lack of postings lately, been kind of out of it. I just got terminated from my job kind of out of nowhere, so I've been mostly working on odd jobs to stay afloat and trying to find steady employment.
  11. Storm Shine

    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Blitz Boom @Dji @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight "Oh rats." Discord said in mock disappointment as he appeared next to the now card-board looking copy of himself as a few rats scurried away from.. somewhere, "And here I thought I had you all fooled." He stuck his tongue out at Anomaly playfully and a smaller version of him appeared on the end of his tongue as it unrolled like a red carpet, the mini-discord also sticking his tiny tongue out at her.
  12. Welp, just lost my job kind of out of nowhere.. :( 


    Oh well, guess I've just gotta go find a new one. Wish me luck everypony! :squee: 

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    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine


      Well It's kinda sucky..


      Basically, there was multiple customer complaints about me in a week back in august, which results in my first warning.. I only know the specifics of one of them, but apparently the customer got upset for two reasons. The first is that they were upset when I mentioned I was on lunch but would be happy to help anyways, according to my former boss they had been upset that I mentioned I was on lunch and it made them feel less important as a customer. The second reason is that apparently I upset the customer by turning my back to them in order to fill out the ticket for their issue..


      Apparently there were other complaints but that was the only one I know about. I got terminated after my second warning and before my final warning because I missed an appointment for the first time.. An appointment my boss had a co-worker set up for me and ordered said co-worker not to tell me about the appointment. I was also told that my main task for the day was to clean out the storage room in the back, so I wasn't at my computer much and didn't have much of a chance to refresh my calendar that day.


      Anyways, I was asked to my boss's office and given both my second warning and termination, the termination was for sub-par work and referenced both of the warnings.


      But hey, just gotta keep moving forward right? :) :squee:  (Honestly, my co-worker and everyone else I know seems more upset (or at least more angry) about this than I am. I'm just a bit sad, I liked that job. :()

    3. Widdershins


       ...you lost your job because of Entitlement? 

      "Oh noes! I feel less important because the guy at the hot dog shack on the beach didn't hold continuous eye contact with me!!!"

       Kinda feels like ya got lost in the Confusion & shuffle of a business there. Job's a job, after all... I'm sure it wasn't the most unique, imperative experience so far for you. Best you can do is ask for clarification, if you can. Like you can't go to lunch then if it upsets the pansies you serve or how you're supposed to do better when you just had trouble ever hearing about the appointment in the first place. 

      Eh, You do You.

    4. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      Things just happened and stuff, is what it is. It was a small business of maybe about 6 people total including myself, and now there's only going to be one remote technician available there.. But basically my boss said that we advertise being the best tech company around for our customer services and satisfaction.


      Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something. Maybe I'll see about becoming an electrician or something. for now, I'm mostly looking at getting a part time or full time job in places like Publix or CVS to at least keep afloat until I can see about getting something else going.

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