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About Me

NOOOO~!!! Somehow my about me page got erased when I changed my Profile Pic...



Oh well, my name is Storm Shine, I'm 21 years old, and I love the color blue and Pinkie Pie. :pinkie: 


Receiving Transmission:

Favorite pony: Pinkie

Favorite Princess: Luna

Favorite non-pony: Discord

Favorite pony race: Pegasus

Favorite non-pony race: Griffon, or maybe the original style of changelings. Sucks how their situation was and stuffs, but I think I like the original designs a bit more than the new ones - Though the new ones aren't bad.

Favorite background character: Ditzy Do/Derpy Hooves (Muffin Pone) or maybe Vinyl Scratch/DJ-PON3 (Wub Pony)

End Transmission.


:laugh: :derp: 


I'm always happy to make new friends and to help my friends however I can, whether it's just talking to them about some issues and giving advice or something more involved - if it's something I can help with, I'll be happy to!

Aside from that I'm a big gamer, I tend to mostly play games on my PC through Steam, though I also play some non-steam games online like Guild Wars 2.

I like to write as well, I've got a few stories in the works on Fimfiction (Also under Storm Shine) that I try to update when I can.

I used to draw a lot, and I like to, but I'm not very good and I don't really find much time to lately..

Also, I've occasionally thought about being a photographer or something similar.. I usually take nature pics every now and then. Here's a few recent ones, though all I used for these was my phone.