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  1. My vote is on corgi dogs because they are so cute and stubby and they always look happy and HNNNNNNNNNG. And the best part is they're just as cute as adults as they are as puppies.
  2. Mubbins

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Oh wow, that is so awesome! How does it stay on? Does it connect to a piercing or something? I love unique accessories like that so much.
  3. Cubone will always be my sweet baby. I'm also partial to Piplup/Prinplup because penguins are my favorite animals. I'm not a fan of Empoleon's design though.
  4. Mubbins

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    AJ photobombed me! Thanks, college is awesome so far. I've only been here a couple weeks but I already love it. And haters gonna hate, but gators gonna gait.
  5. Mubbins

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    c: Just chillin' in my dorm room after a hard day of one 50 minute class. Pretty rough.
  6. My favorite thing is when you meet a brony in real life and you immediately start to bond over it. It's so great to find someone else that likes something that is unique, unknown, or ever not generally accepted. Alas, I have yet to meet any on campus. I'll have to break out the pony shirts.
  7. Thissss. I would rather suffer from my illness than taste liquid medicine. Artificial grape flavoring makes me gag, even just the smell of it. Apparently liking mint is unpopular because no one will buy the mint brownies at work. >:I Lean Pockets/Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones are good. People that don't swear make me uncomfortable.
  8. I think it's okay for women to dress provocatively. The legal drinking age in America should be lowered. Big dogs/bully breeds aren't scary. Some makeup is necessary to look beautiful.
  9. There's been a dog in my family since I was born, so I'm definitely a dog person. I have 3 right now and we'll be adding a foster dog this weekend. I'm allergic to cats, but I do still like them. They're just not as social as dogs in my experience. It's actually kind of strange that I like dogs so much. I've been attacked/bitten by dogs twice when I was younger. First a big dog bit my hand after my mother was told it loved little kids. The second was when we were picking up my German Shepherd from the breeder. They gave us a tour of the facility, and one of the police dogs in training mis
  10. I like the look and concept of this! The green outlines say zombie to me because that color is synonymous with dead, rotting flesh. As someone who has drawn way too many hands in her days, I have a couple critiques in the way of anatomy. 1. I understand that the whole piece is somewhat stylized, but a few of the hands, namely in the thumb region, look strange. Some are fleshy where they shouldn't be or are too rounded like the one grabbing his shoulder. Where the index finger meets the thumb is usually more angular. 2. The lack of fingernails makes it a little difficult to see the perspec
  11. Ahhhhhh, I love your style so much! It's cute but not super chibi and little details like defining feathers and jawlines communicate perspective and depth nicely. The only things I could complain about (and really it's just nitpicking) are Spike's closed eye is a tad too low for me and Rarity's shoulder seems a bit angular. Everything else is perfect and oh so adorable. You did a fantastic job on this. c:
  12. Mubbins

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I bought a pair of boots and a hat for my Applejack cosplay today. I still don't have all the pieces, but I had an orange shirt and a blonde wig lying around so why not? Of course I'm bad at pictures and managed to not capture the boots or the hat.
  13. I didn't want to be made into a liar. Obviously we had a huge misunderstanding so this will be my last reply if that was yours.
  14. Mubbins

    Visual Art Mouse Madness

    Somehow I expected drawings of mice, but I was pleasantly surprised. c: These are really great, not to mention cute! I especially like the second one for both the art and the theme. But my favorite is "Eye of Sun" in your gallery. I've never heard of Odosketch, what's it about?
  15. As a general rule of being human it is offensive to say you would not like someone's art for a gift. I'm really not offended you don't like my drawing (because it was meant to be funny and a little strange) but more so that you had the audacity to say that. This art exchange was created so members of the community could give gifts of art to each other no matter their skill set or style. It's very discouraging for anyone to say they don't like something. If you really want to go through the PMs you'd see that you said Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie and then "but it's your art piece, so just d
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