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  1. I got your footage downloaded so you're all set! And PM stands for Private Message, but that's not really necessary since you already sent in your footage. Thanks so much for being a part of this!
  2. Artsy *Filler words to get to 20 characters*
  3. Well would ya look at that... we made it to Season 7! (Sorry for not posting this 2 weeks ago when the first two episodes came out, been super busy with school :/ ) That means it's time for another round of MLP Forums Reacts! If you're unfamiliar with MLPF Reacts, it's basically just like Bronies React by ACRacebest, except it's starring forums members just like you! If you're interested in joining in, send me a PM and I'll fill you in on the rules and regulations. Also, consider joining the MLP Forums Reacts Discord server, where we discuss ideas for any future videos, post memes, and just ha
  4. Hi Lonely Fanboy48, of course you can be in the next video! I'll put you down on the list of potential participants. I've created an official Discord server for anyone involved. If you're interested in joining, here's the link: https://discord.gg/cQaxvVH
  5. MLPForums Reacts: Season 6 Finale has been released!

  6. It's finally done! The 4th installment of everyone's favorite Bronies React ripoff with nothing but MLP Forums members! This time we had more participants, 10 not including myself to be exact, and everyone did a fantastic job! Thank you to all that participated, whether you're a veteran of the series or just joined for the first time! News on the next MLPF Reacts will come out shortly. If you're interested in participating next time, send me a DM and I'll jot you down for when the time comes! Oh, also, we have a Discord server going for all those who were involved, but if you're keen on j
  7. I just noticed you havent joined the server yet, probably since the link to join expired Sorry bout that, here's a new link that should work: https://discord.gg/cQaxvVH
  8. How about Fantastic Mr. Fox? One of my all-time favorites and truly a work of stop-motion art
  9. MLPF Reacts: Season 6 Finale is underway. If you'd like to join in as a reactor, please check out my post under video creative resources: https://mlpforums.com/topic/158192-want-to-participate-in-the-next-mlp-forums-react-lots-of-reactors-needed/

  10. Ping: 4 ms Download: 13.46 Mbps Upload: 14.26 Mbps I have a pretty decent understanding of streaming, I've done some livestreams before on one of my YouTube channels. I have Skype and Discord as well, which I check fairly often. Usually my Friday evenings are free as well, so I'd definitely be available to stream the majority of the time, although I will probably be doing homework or trying to do something else productive while streaming. Discord is FlightForce Skype is also FlightForce
  11. Okay everyone, if you're interested and have downloaded Discord, join the MLPF Reacts server by going to https://discord.gg/cQaxvVH. I can start explaining more detailed stuff there Usually I specify for people to upload their footage to youtube and give me some time stamps in the description. Basically just let me know where in the original episodes each reaction takes place by either describing the scene or just giving me a timestamp like for example "5:26" meaning 5th minute, 26th second. Then I can accurately match up where each reaction goes. Good question! Great, you're on the
  12. Yeah, I'm sure the camera quality of your phone is pretty decent. Recording in your car might be kinda cool lol, could make for some funny moments if you're creative enough also if you haven't already, download Discord, I'll probably be making a group chat pretty soon and will ask for all of your usernames so we can think of some fun ideas for the video
  13. Ah, I see that it's been released in other countries (and on Dailymotion) but I'm going to hold off and watch it when it airs in the US anyway, I like to not rush things but glad you're on board again! Sounds good, hopefully we can work around the time zone difference lol. I'll check out Discord as a means of communication as well... I've heard good things about it but havent experienced it yet. As I finish writing this, I'm immediately downloading it lol Yeah, might be a slight issue, but thats group chats are for I guess haha. Let me know if you're still able! Would love to have
  14. Hey, everyone! I have decided to do another episode of MLP Forums React, which if you are unfamiliar, is a YouTube series similar to Bronies React by ACRacebest where those who choose to participate show their face and "react" to a particular MLP episode/movie/fan-made video/etc. Except this series involves you guys! You don't have to be "horse famous" to participate in this series (though it would be pretty sweet if you were ). I have already put together a few episodes of MLPF Reacts, which I will provide links to down below if you'd like to get a taste of what being an MLPF Reactor is
  15. We can... but remember the season 6 finale is coming out fairly soon so I was thinking we could focus on the finale and then once that's done and the show is on hiatus we can do Legend of Everfree Cool! I'd love to have you in the Season 6 Finale react! I still have to put the official post detailing everything on the forums, but I'll write you on the list! If you've seen the previous MLP Forums Reacts, we only have one other person from the UK among the main reactors, being 1Bit, and he's absolutely hilarious lol.
  16. Cool! Would love to have you!
  17. Yet another episode of the unofficial MLP Forums reaction series. This time we react to the Season 6 Premiere! Sorry for the lateness, usually I'm a lot quicker at editing this stuff, but I've been really busy and just haven't had much time, and to be honest, kind of lost interest in the series. But hey, it's done now and that's all that matters! If you are interested in being in the next one, please send me a private message and I'll add you to the list of potential react people! This time we were lacking in reactors, so I would like to see a bigger turnout next time
  18. Hey everyone! The new video is almost done, and I was wondering if any of the other reactors would want to watch it together for the first time on youtube? We could start a Skype call and comment on the video as it went along and just have a good time (after this extremely long wait, sorry about that, been really busy with work and a summer class). If you wanna try this let me know so we can work out a day and time and I can publish the vid accordingly. If no one want to do this, that's Okay, I'll just publish the video very soon!
  19. Great! Think you can get it to me by May 15th? I'd prefer if you used a nice quality camera that shoots in 720p 30 fps or better, but I'll accept stuff of less quality If you're still interested, try to get me your stuff by May 15th, and write a script to ensure that you're as funny as possible!
  20. Yep! You got it! Glad to have you participating!
  21. Yep! Exactly! Make sure you include an funny "intro" scene to introduce yourself as well. Once you're done, just upload it to youtube as unlisted or share it with me on OneDrive.
  22. I guess I posted this topic in the wrong spot a few weeks ago, as I only got 1 response xD Anyways, hopefully this gets a little more attention under Video Creative Resources. Hi everyone! I'll be coordinating a special forum member based reaction collab to the Season 6 Premiere! I previously made MLP Forums Reacts for the Season 5 Finale and more recently the Season 6 Preview. I'll put links to those down below if you're curious. A lot of people turned out to participate previously, and I'm hoping for another great turnout, if not better, this time around! However, I will put a fe
  23. Hi everyone! It's that time once again! I'll be coordinating a special forum member based reaction collab to the Season 6 Premiere! I previously made MLP Forums Reacts for the Season 5 Finale and more recently the Season 6 Preview. I'll put links to those down below if you're curious. A lot of people turned out to participate previously, and I'm hoping for another great turnout, if not better, this time around! However, I will put a few ruled and regulations in place this time. 1) If you've previously participated in Forums Reacts, you're welcome to join again! The only thing I ask o
  24. YAY!! We made it onto Equestria Daily! Thanks for submitting, guys!
  25. Go check out MLP Forums Reacts to the Season 5 Finale! Official post is in Octavia's Hall under video and animation or search Flightforce on YouTube! Much appreciated, and thanks to everyone who helped!

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      Yay! You gonna be in the Season 6 preview react?

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      Yes, I just haven't gotten around to recording my reaction. I will this weekend though! :)

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      Speaking of Reaction Do you have a ETA for the release date?

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