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  1. It looks like things are getting really bad in Florida. I have a lot of relatives there so it’s very worrying.

    1. PanPan


      I hope your relatives stay safe, not sure what's going on there.. but yeah. (living in europe in a safe place so we don't get news on things happening in USA usually)

    2. Sonic Shimmer

      Sonic Shimmer

      Coronavirus has spiked massively in Florida. 10,000 new cases being reported daily. I’m in Europe too, it’s horrifying to watch the virus rapidly taking over in America like it did here in March.

    3. EpicEnergy


      I hope they stay safe there. :kindness:

  2. This advert for a mobile game keeps appearing on Reddit. The truck in the back inexplicably features a picture of real life American serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
  3. Uhhh, that's alright Mr Krueger. Help yourself, I'm going back to bed. Please don't kill me.
  4. I should write something.

  5. I'm pretty much used to it. But when it gets too much I read, play some video games or practise something new. I'm also working every weekday (currently working remotely because of the pandemic) and focusing on that gives me something to strive for.
  6. All of these constant reboots and retcons are starting to get exhausting It’s really turned me off big movie franchises like Star Wars and superheroes altogether.
  7. I once played a frost giant when we did a play on Viking legends, that was pretty cool.
  8. Judge Dredd. Or is it Doctor Doom? Who is this?
  9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
  10. Hairdressers still shut in England. My fringe is almost reaching my nose.

    1. Kyoshi


      Long hair is better hair in my book. ;3