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  1. Thanks, glad your enjoying the story ^^ Next Chapter is pretty big, here it is: Chapter four: Royal Mare Chapter five: Why bubbles? Final chapter, chapter 6 is here.
  2. Chapter two: The Mail Mare Chapter three: Derpmail
  3. This is my second attempt at MLP fanfiction. My first attempt pretty much bombed, so i decided to go for soemthign a little more original. I have ten chapters planned and i'm workign my way through them each day. I'll post each here when i make a new one. The following is the description taken from FIM fiction. Incidentally, if you enjoy it enough to upvote it, i've included the FIMfiction link. In this story, Derpy Hooves is tasked with discovering the meaning of her life and gaining her cutie mark. It also deals with interpreting her cutie mark and handling herself socially amongst other ponies when she is quite clearly different from them. Expect a story that revolves around Derpy growing as a character and becoming Ponyvilles beloved mail mare. http://www.fimfictio...nt-sort-of-pony
  4. Sure, i wrapped it up in some spoiler tags now.
  5. Ok so this is cupcakes based, so its as Grimdark as it gets. After unsuccesfully searching for a roleplay partner for this homage i decided simply to write it into a story. An alternate version of cupcakes with different themes going on. Obviously dont read it or reply if you can tell it's not your thing.
  6. Obviosu satire is obvious, i was hoping to not have to point that out. This thread is for OP'd mockery.
  7. Fenrir Blade is the final seventh member of the wonderbolts and he is the fastest. He does a thunder sonic boom which is faster than rainbow. He does faster than rainbow dashie because he is better with flying and racing too. He likes being cool and everyone thinkgs he's cool. He hangs with Pinkie Pie and everypony else and he's best buddies with them and goes on adventures when hes not with the wonderbolts. Hes power is better than Clestia, because he comes from the moon with the death murasama, and she cant beat him. His sword can cut anything because its made of titanum poylmer. WHo can beat him. Post ponies and he will defeat you. No pony is best
  8. The way i played Pinkie Pie was much like her depiction in Cpucakes. HEr usual hyper self. I tried to create the effect that she has completely removed hersel;f from reality. For example, hitting Dash with soemthing and claiming that shes just beating the ingredients in the dough together. I like to get metaphorical with it so that Pinkie can convince herself shes doign no harm. All of this kinda stuff makes her a very interesting character to RP as. WHoever is RD will have to get really creative. She'll probably be forcing on pleading, inner thoughts, environmental awareness or even escape attempts and fighting if she breaks free. As i say before, realistically her chances are slim. But shes wily enough to work out at least an attempt at freedom. As for content, it will be open for discussion with whomever wants to play. It will primarily depend upon Pinkies goal. If she plans to murder and make cupcakes of Dashie you can expect it to get incredibly grisly. If she has other motives liek in my previous attempt, she may want Dashie alive, just broken. If that was the case then very deep cuts are not practical. I'm actually interested in either role, I'm just got a fairly good grasp of how i would do pinkie.
  9. As far as i could piece together, grimdark is against the rules here based on scattered past discussions and locked topics. For that reason i'm focussing on doing this RP privately, possibly over MSN. What RP? Well i'd like to turn Cupcakes into an interactive experience. I tried this once before but apparently my friend lacked the stomach for it. Basically this will be an homage to the original fanfiction with the same kind of content. Though Dashies fate isnt set and if the opportunity presents itself she may get a chance to defend herself or escape. It's very unlikely considering the fact that shes bound, but i liek to keep all possibilities open. Makes for a more interestign RP if anything can happen. So what am i looking for? People who have an interest in the Cupcakes fan fiction or the pinkamena character and a strong stomach. I will most likely be playing the pinkamena role, because i think shes really interestign to play as, wrapped up in her own delusional mind. Roleplay wise we're talkign about a paragraph per turn and moderate writing ability. Again, the intention of the thread is not to provoke debate, incite rule breaking or spoil anyones day. I'm pooling interest for this RP idea that, until i learn otherwise will take place off site.
  10. Actually i think theres more to it than that. Theres an awful lot of girls TV shows that treat girls like complete idiots, particuarly the older animated ones. Pretty much the only thing that was required was that they were cute. No real conflicts or learning. Just look at your cute animated plushies. MLP FIM on the other hand features a wide range of cast members with different ways of thinking, hobbies and characteristics. The children may have thier favourites but during the course of the show will learn to respect the other characters, and therfore the people the characatures represent in the real world. Anyway there a good deal of reasons why MLP is a fine bit of animation.
  11. Well the most underrated game i know is the Klonoa series, particuarly the second one. It's a love letter to anyone who loves retro games and has an inner child with a sense of adventure. That and he's incredibly cute.
  12. Actually i made a video about this a few days ago. I only really became a brony proper very recently and began you know really watching the show and stuff. As of now i watch it all the time. This video basically recreates how reluctant i was at first. But as we all know, resistance is futile ;
  13. Yes, i very recently came to the herd thanks mostly to all of the fan created stuff i found myself up to my neck in every time i come within 5 feet of a pc. But it's alright now because i love it. I love ponies and the only thign i love more.... Is pony hugs So yeah, I love pony music, pony comedy and pony art, all that good stuff. And after rewatchign the show, i'm now hooked on that too. However who here doesnt? Apart from all that, i'm a gamer, an artist, lets player, producer and a roleplayer. I come from Scotland and i've tried my hoof at many different things, including programming. I have a broad interest in all things creative basically. I havent really got a ponysona in mind quite yet, though i do want to make one. In case your wondering my favourites are Dashie and Vinyl Scratch. So naturally i'll probably make a stylish tomboy. Anyway, pleased to meet everypony!
  14. I've tried it a few years ago. I achived high lucidity probably twice. Most of the time you only get a vague influence on whats goin on, it takes alot of practice. The first time i mastered teleportation, to take me to any scenario i could dream up. The second, i went for a bit of a fly. The first hurdle is learning dream recall, which can take a while. The second is becoming aware of your dreamstate and nopting down the telltale signs. The hardest one to overcome is the third if you ask me. Getting too excited. If you find your in absolute control, in a realm as real as the waking world, to say its easy to get over excited is a huge understatement. And naturally, if you cant calm yourself, you will wake up. Try meeting Celestia on a lucid adventure and not getting excited. Like i say, incredibly difficult. The only long term lucid skills i have is identifying nightmares and being able to wake up on demand when i have them. However i'm very tempted to retrain the more fun aspects of it. My boyfriend Wayne for instance has already used his natural talent for this to visit equestria and have fun with many of the residents. His favourite pony is Celestia, and he managed to meet her too. So certainly if anypony has time on thier hands and good self discipline, you owe it to yourself to try it. Why wait decades for VR when you have a natural equivelent that will never be matched in realism, plus is both free and natural.