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  1. Random update status goes here cause.

    1. Kyoshi


      This sounds important! :o

    2. TheAnonOne


      Very well could be. But who knows. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. :o

  2. <I don't really remember anything from a "womb faze" I just know one day i popped up here, and then i was with Dunky. >
  3. Hip hop has obviously changed grown, evolved, (and in my opinion devolved) since its inception. There have obviously been game changing releases. Albums like Paid in Full, Straight Outta Compton, Illmatic, Ready to Die, Marshall Mathers LP, have helped push the genre in many different directions and have helped make the genera as expansive as it is. My issue today is that hip hop today seems to have a lot less people who focus on lyricism and being actually interesting then just making money. People like Kendrick, Big Krit, and Lupe help keep my faith in the art form today though. I do love though is how hip hop can reach out and feel relatable to so many people. Hip hop to me has always been about people who have been in the struggle, emotionally, financially and just in many parts of life having extreme difficulties in one form or another. Which makes the music so relatable to me. So yea, the music has changed, but and while I feel it has fallen off some, there are still many great artists today who continue to make me enjoy and appreciate hip hop in new different ways.
  4. The food coma be real ladies and gentlemen

  5. Ugh, lost about 40 bucks tonight, hell week ends on a fitting note, hope mom takes pity on me, anyways hope to get a session in tomorrow after I wake up at about 5pm.
  6. true true, just couldnt imagine using scotch tape on myself to keep earphones in overnight
  7. Think I might finally have time for a reg file over the next 3 days, skipping class tomorrow than a long, slow weekend up ahead so just might get the time.
  8. Dang you are a pretty darn good drawer, and Ariel looks so cute.
  9. Finished this horrible week, now time to be in my bed, or drink for the a good chunk of the next 90 hours. WOOO.

  10. Im Doing better, my week from heck is over, and I'm skipping class tomorrow so Im going to be able to be retired to my bed for a lot of the next 90 hours , also be able to do some other stuff I want to do that I have not been able to, how about you?
  11. Day 4 of 4 for Hell Week is pretty much over, and since Ive made an executive decision to skip my class Friday, I get to spend a majority of the next 90 something hours retired to my bed. So excited.

  12. Day 2 of the 4 day week from hell is over, second and worst half left to come.

  13. Yea, it was god awful literally tried to go to sleep for about 2-3 hours straight, just eventually gave up said screw it and joined in my roommates vent session. At least I got hot chocolate out of the ordeal.
  14. Ehh, could be better, have a week from hell this week, got less than 4 hours of sleep last night, and me and the other 2 mentally broken roommates got to have a vent session
  15. This is going to be a week from hell

  16. Operating on less than 4 hours of sleep should not be happening but is none the less

  17. And mentally broken time has arrived right now.

  18. Trying to fall asleep for 2 hours and not being able to is absolutely terrible

    1. Christmasy Britty

      Christmasy Britty

      its worse if your brain decides to give you nightmares as well :/

  19. Not too bad, got in what I believe to be a successful tulpa force session last night, albeit it got cut a bit short, still have had no time for a hypno session so been sticking with looping while asleep.
  20. Aah, well thats good that you are still able to talk with them, I just was not sure how that all worked.
  21. How does it make you feel that you can't directly communicate with them, or is their a way you can?
  22. Those nights you can't go to sleep when you try to go to bed early.