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  1. Jon the VGNerd

    Technology Discord

    So I can't help but notice that Discord's staff and support have become incompetent, ignorant and useless. They can't be bothered to ban users who deliberately cause trouble whenever they jump from one server after the next. Even with proof, they won't do a damn thing about it because they want people who run the servers to ban users off instead of the Discord staff actually suspending their accounts altogether. Even before the pandemic happened, their support and staff have become increasingly inconsiderate of their jobs. It's like they're deliberately sabotaging their reputation in order to
  2. Here's a radio site that lets you listen to stations all over the world without the need of traveling: Radio Garden It also has an app for mobile, and it may have ads, though its cheap to have it removed, though actual, radio ads still exist.
  3. Jon the VGNerd

    Technology Sites using CAPTCHA?

    Captcha doesn't even deter trolls and bots. It just creates more of an inconvenience than having any sort of benefits. Why does it even exist again if it serves almost no purpose other than obvious annoyance?
  4. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming The 'AO' Rating

    The fact that the AO rating even existed baffles me, since none of the games ever have AO rating at all. Hatred is the only game that has AO rating and even that's considered baffling since pretty much all violent games receive the M rating and nothing else. The ESRB is an absolute joke.
  5. It seems that if you post a comment that contains cursing, it doesn't go through yet for some reason, other people are able to post comments that contains cursing without any issues. It just screams hypocrisy for YouTube.
  6. It's a real shame that, unless there's an alternative site that can definitely put YouTube in their place, YouTube will continue to thrive and get away with it (along with shoving people with invasive ads without the use of Adblock and uBlock), because even with massive lawsuits, Google could very easily pay off lawyers to ensure that YouTube continues on until something big happens to them.
  7. Here's the problem though; YouTube are actually banning the wrong people while letting the trolls roam free. And again, even if they were banned, they can still make new accounts anyway. Of course it isn't going away yet because a lot of people are using it. However, wait until they end up making yet another bad decision that's considered mandatory that will lead to a massive backlash. And the smaller creators get far less views and subscribers, to the point where its impossible to earn money, thanks to the constant, intrusive ads YouTube continues to shove everyone's faces with.
  8. I forgot to mention that if you post comments on YouTube and it contains swearing, it will never go through to the comment section yet you see people having their comments posted with obvious profanity. This is YouTube with their obvious hypocrisy at its finest.
  9. Over the years, YouTube has been gradually getting worse and worse, which ranges from being falsely banned to having videos removed unexpectedly because of "copyright violations", along with not getting paid at all, regardless of the number of views accumulated through videos posted. Let's not forget the comment section which are incredibly hostile and toxic, to the point where YouTube themselves can't be bothered to moderate them, much less ban people for deliberately causing problems. Yet they have no problems in wrongfully banning off people for the most asinine reasons while letting actual
  10. 30 and I feel like I'm no longer amongst the youngsters anymore. I just feel like an outcast among other, younger people who were born in the 2000s, or the late 90s who are still in their 20s, as whatever youth that's left in me is gradually wasting away. Not to mention that I'm not able-bodied to be able to do well at strenuous jobs, especially given the lack of disability benefits where I live in. I could've gotten a kid or two, but I don't have any kind of housing to live in, and it can get stupidly expensive just to be able to raise a kid due to a lack of job.
  11. I sadly don't. I don't have the necessary resources to stream any game, and even then Twitch's awfully restrictive nature when it comes to music makes it all the more difficult to even stream a game without being slapped with a strike.
  12. I'm disappointed that Pixar didn't make Zootopita into either a mini TV series, or an actual TV series, exploring more places Zootopia has to offer, including more animals like kangaroos or koalas (both which are native to Australia with Australian voice actors/actresses), or even locations that weren't included in the movie itself. Feels like a completely wasted potential in all its goodness.
  13. So with Smart TVs (mainly 4k and 8k ones) on the rise, they offer shows, movies, among others, cable TV doesn't show, mainly because the channels you want to watch are locked behind their annoying paywalls so it seems that cable TV is gradually meeting their inevitable demise.
  14. They continue to milk SpongeBob while completely ignoring other, good shows from the 90s and early 2000s altogether. Why Nickelodeon still exists to this day is beyond me.
  15. There are popular films that was made by Pixar, or Disney, yet never bothered to make a sequel at all despite huge successes.
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