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    Love drawing! Love hugs! Love MLP! What else can I say? Im very caring about others and I also draw OC's! I am also a photographer and filmer!

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  1. #BOSS

    Game Markiplier -FNAF-

    So the game is called Warfstache News: Markiplier's Demise. It's to be released in May, the preview is up on GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/rpg/warfstache-news-markiplier-s-demise/56782/ That's all I know for now
  2. #BOSS

    Twisted Cyclone OC

    You're very welcome! It was fun to do!
  3. #BOSS

    Twisted Cyclone OC

    It took 4-5 hours to do making it one of the hardest pieces I've ever drawn xD
  4. Here is a Ponysona I was requested to draw for Rainbowdash72, their OC: Twisted Cyclone. I also have the speedpaint: https://youtu.be/wkba_BPgUZM
  5. So, I hope you like it... It's a chibi Pinkie with a knife in her head (not serious blood) and confetti!!! I also censored the nudity, so I wouldn't exactly call it "inappropriate" and if you're interested... I have a speed paint on it
  6. Any drawing suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. #BOSS


      Sure! I'll start drawing it.

    3. Twisted Cyclone 🚓
    4. #BOSS


      http://mlpforums.com/topic/126537-twisted-cyclone-oc/ <here's the link to the post of your OC! It took about 4-5 hours to do :P
  7. #BOSS

    Game Markiplier -FNAF-

    Well to be honest, I don't know much about the game myself. Someone is making it and they asked for my fanart to be in it and they used my OC to be a character in it, that's as far as I know. An RPG game is a role-playing game, which has characters with specific roles for a fictional setting.Like Mad Father of the Crooked Man, for example. I could find out what the game will be about and tell you some if you want.
  8. My goal on here is to become a pheonix. #flylikeaneagle

    1. LordSwinton


      Eagles fly like a phoenix?

    2. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      Well, they both DO fly. haha

    3. #BOSS


      Lol maybe...

  9. Oh that's so cute! You did really good!
  10. #BOSS

    Visual Art Creepypasta JTK

    So here I have a drawing of Jeff the Killer and it says, "Just because he always smiles, doesn't mean he's always happy." fyi I drew this a couple weeks ago, but I just wnated to post it on here for any creepypasta fans
  11. #BOSS

    Game Markiplier -FNAF-

    I'm actually having it as fanart in an RPG game that someone is making right now for him. Thank you so much, I tried to make it as cute as possible Thanks so much, lol I want the plushie too!
  12. #BOSS

    Game Markiplier -FNAF-

    Ha, thanks! That comment really makes my day
  13. #BOSS

    Game Markiplier -FNAF-

    I know some of you all must be tired of FNAF, but I drew this of the one and only Markiplier!!! I love him so much, and I drew this a couple days ago and I haven't been on Poniverse in a year so I got back on. He is a baby in this pic.
  14. I'm back! I wasn't allowed on anymore because of mai age.

    1. ~Kitty~


      Welcome back :D

    2. DashYoshi


      Hello! Welcome back! =)

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