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  1. U freaking bronies xDDDDD lolz this movie was ok. Twilight x flash 4 lyfe. My mom doesn't understand that this is who I am now. I gtg now she's coming into mah room xD
  2. I actually didn't like this episode up until the end... RD was being ignorant and stubborn (which is her nature, I get that), and that frustrated me a lot and made the episode painful to watch. I really enjoyed the last five minutes, especially the part when Pinkie Pie said "Applejack cries on the inside"
  3. If you mess with the Mane Six, Twilight will kill you for us.
  5. I liked her outfit, but I think her hair should have been drawn better. When RD is in pony form, her mane/hair look sleeker, while in human form, RD's hair looks ratty and fluffy to the point where I no longer consider it "cute".
  6. I just started Angel Beats today. It's too early for me to say if I like it or not, but my top five have got to be: Attack on Titan K Project Pandora Hearts Free Celestial Method
  7. What if Shadowbloom becomes the next Starlight Glimmer? 0.0

  8. I was very confused for the first 15 min, until I realized Applebloom was dreaming it all I thought it was an ok episode, though I was disappointed at the amount of creativity the producers put into the assorted cutie marks, especially Babs's. Snips already has a scissor cutie mark...
  9. I loved this episode, it was so nostalgic for me. I would've been ok if only rarity had decorated the castle though, she's so good with that kind of stuff.
  10. I liked it a lot, but it reminded me of Season 2 when Discord used the Mane 6's cutie marks against them... either way, I liked the originality of the episode, and let's face it, there's gonna be a love triangle between Pinkie, Cheese Sandwich, and Party Favor now.
  11. I CAN!!! *throws cans everywhere* Is equestria made of marshmallows?
  12. My favorite intros would be: Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XMXgHfHxKVM Kuusou Mesorogiwi from The Future Diary: My favorite outro is The Great Escape from Attack on Titan: https://youtube.com/watch?v=DwLV52Ut048
  13. Hi there! I'd like to welcome you to MLP Forums! You'll love it here, I promise. You can contact the moderators if you need help, but really everypony here can answer your questions. Enjoy your time here in the forum! *brohoof*
  14. 6.5/10 A bit long, but it's a good song! Mine: