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  1. Hit me up when you finish this episode. There is a lot to talk about...
  2. I pray that you and every one who doesn't gave it yet get it soon. It's so Fucking serious. I won't spoil it.
  4. I'm stoked for tomorrow but I have work *tears lol*
  5. All the fluffy awkwardness makes up for the bad things that will happen. It may be cheesy but they do it on purpose to also make it hurt more.
  6. I remember first playing the demo before the game was released. It seemed boring and whimsical, so I said let's get it. Shit was touching and I was instantly invested in the lives of these characters. I played every episode as they came out became attached to theory and desperately trying to make sense of this horrendous situation these two girls are in. The symbols and unknown danger. The direct (Nathan) force and alternate (Jefferson) force. Episode four was the breaking point. Episode five is coming in two days. What is everyone expecting?
  7. This is interesting.. I came in kind if late would some one send me a link that explains Tulpa? I heard of it before
  8. A list! Mambostuck Chucklevoodoo waltz Grim grinning Steven universe extended opening What's next? Nobody knows.
  9. I love creepy anything But yes creepypasta has caught and kept my attention since I was 12.
  10. It takes the mystery element completely out of the box.
  11. Shit gets wrecked when the trolls come in lol. You are in for a crazy ride my friend.
  12. Fucking love Homestuck. I thought all of of it to be very entertaining and I love all the characters because they really aren't one dimensional. Like Vriska and Eridan they aren't as spiteful as they come across. Do you have a favorite?
  13. Through the time I changed from asexual to transsexual and still trying to figure it out. But I have decided that I am gender fluid so Idgaf