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Status Updates posted by HereComesTom

  1. Debate Symposium closed?  I haven't been in there for years, but from the sound of things, that's a good thing...!

    You know...I never knew that religious or political things aren't supposed to be in status updates until I rad Jeric's post.  I need to keep up to date on the forum's rules!

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I agree. :proud: For me, this is a place for people to spread friendship to each other and talk about the show that we love. :kindness:

      It’s not a place to have heated debates! :dry:

  2. Well, after $500, weeks of waiting, and 90 sweaty minutes of assembly-work done on an empty stomach, I finally have my Ms. Pacman arcade machine!  I picked it because it had yellow trim, four games that I didn't already have on my 40th anniversary Pacman arcade cabinet, and was a sit-down machine...

    And it turns out either I'm terrible at those games, or those games are terrible in comparison.  I mean, if you play Galaxian after getting used to Galaga, it feels awful---simpler enemy movements, a much less forgiving hitbox for your ship, fewer projectiles on the screen at once...!  And you'd think I was a moron from watching how I play Dig Dig 2!

    Hopefully, I'll get better as time goes on!

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Ooh, I've always wanted an arcade machine! :pinkie:

    2. HereComesTom


      Some arcade machines are better than others.  What got me hooked on arcade1up's work is actually their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machine; I was afraid that machine was going to be discontinued, and I LOVED that game when I was a kid.  So when I saw one TMNT box for sale at Walmart, I bought it, mostly out of FOMO.  But for some reason, I find myself going to that arcade machine the least out of the four that I now own...

  3. ...Aaaaaand today is my birthday!

    ...And tomorrow is when my Ms. Pacman arcade1up machine arrives :/

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy early birthday! :blue_baloon:


    2. InfernalEnergy


      I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow! :fluttershy:

    3. HereComesTom


      ...Crap.  Brain fart!  My birthday is actually tomorrow (two days after I posted this); we just had my party yesterday!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes just the same!

  4. Well, looks like Twilight got fat in one Pony Life episode.  Reminds me of an item from the Grand List of Things Hasbro Won't Let a Brony Do in a Fangame:

    238) First of all, Twilight is not allowed to get fat, even if she did in the very first episode of the cartoon.  Secondly, even if she did get fat, that would not be a reason to replace the trumpets that announce her arrival with tubas!



  5. Found this on youtube (by someone who insists he's not a brony), and my first thought was "Isn't Twilight's tail getting soaked?"

    ...Then things went from bad to worse...


    1. Sparklefan1234


      I feel like this video was cut right before Poniwise showed up. :nom:

    2. HereComesTom


      Who's Poniwise?

    3. Sparklefan1234


      The pony version of the clown from IT, I imagine. 

  6. Well, I've felt like garbage all day and expect to continue to do so for another day at least...I lost my temper on social media about a political issue, and quickly afterwards, I discovered something afterward that I didn't know about myself:  I'm not good with rejection!

    Not a good combination...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. You


      Heh, I pretty much feel you. While I can only assume which side of the spectrum you are - I basically created a very topic about this in life Advice yesterday.

    3. InfernalEnergy


      I hope you feel better soon. :kindness:

    4. HereComesTom


      I appreciate your replies, guys :)

  7. Saharah, Celeste, and a heavy meteor shower are on my island in Animal Crossing New Horizons!  I'm keeping it open all night in case anyone is interested who lives on the other side of the planet:


    Saharah's wares:  Brown Wooden-Deck Rug, Simple Navy Bath Mat, Desert Vista wallpaper, Flowing-River Flooring, and a Botanical Rug

  8. I made off like a bandit at the Art Van clearance sale:  $400 for a decent-sized leather couch that has reclining seats and footrests!  ...And for some odd reason, the Art Van computer thought it was a loveseat...

    The movers did a really good job getting it into my condo, too.  Now I have an actual sitting room!  :}

  9. /sigh...

    So far, my FangameFactory hasn't gotten much exposure at all at this online convention...I need to pick the right times to be in the hotdog-stand and pizza-joint chatrooms...!

  10. Welp, tomorrow is the Whinny City Pony Con...and it's going to be online.  Who knows what that'll look like?  I'd hoped to get a chance to promote my fangame---not even just as a fangame, but as an editor that lets others create their own fangames!

    I wonder if I'll still get a chance to do that with the online convention...?

  11. So...Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle really ARE in Pony Life!



    1. InfernalEnergy


      That's amazing! ^_^

    2. HereComesTom


      Their design was nothing like Rainbow Dash's fan's design, which surprised me.  They were basically mini-adult ponies.

  12. I just saw the first two episodes of Pony Life, and...well, I thought Princess Probz wasn't very good, while Best of the Worst was actually pretty decent.

    Princess Probz suffered from pacing problems and didn't feel like it had much of a conflict, and it almost entirely focused on Pinkie's zaniness, messyness, and clumsiness for slapstick comedy.  (But Pinkie wasn't clumsy or messy much in FiM, was she?)

    Best of the Worst felt like it was better paced, with a decent opening that established RD's personality and motivations, and the episode had an actual plot and conflict to it.  It had some slapstick, but that wasn't bad, and didn't feel like it broke any characterizations from FiM.

    I wasn't too keen on the overly-simplistic visuals that either episode showed; they made Ponyville look like it was made mostly of edibles with the occasional bite taken out of them.  With a lake of pink lemonade right next to Sugarcube Corner, no less.  (Was it even close to water in FiM?)

    Also, because of the fast pacing, the characters don't get much characterization in Pony Life; it's like they're relying on FiM to tell us what their personalities are---and then they have changes to them, e.g. Pinkie being clumsy and messy, all of a sudden.  If it's not in continuity with FiM (and if you go by Ponyville's layout, then it's not), then the show should really be able to stand on its own without relying on another series to tell us what we need to know about the characters.


    On the whole, I don't know how optimistic I should be about the Pony Life series in general.  I get the feeling that it's going to be mixed overall, and probably there'll be plenty of bronies saying "It's mixed at best".  But I'm planning to keep watching and following the new series, at least for the time being.

    Makes me wonder what's going on in the Season 10 comic books...

    1. Megas


      Also thought Best of the Worst was actually pretty decent too

  13. /sigh

    The Whinny City pony convention isn't going to take place, after all!  I'd spent a ton of money getting 800 physical buttons made to promote my fangame, too---and now I can't do squat with them this year!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. InfernalEnergy


      Sorry that happened to you. 

    3. HereComesTom


      Yep.  It's the virus.

      They're going to have Whinny City take place online; maybe-maybe I can find a way to get attention for my game in an online format---I dunno.  I guess I'll need to save the physical buttons for next year :/

    4. Rikifive



      Pretty much everything now happens online ~ won't be there any places to get some attention? That won't really solve the problem with physical buttons, but I hope you'll get a chance to use them eventually. :twi:

  14. Well, I'm exhausted!  My brother and I (with some help from our parents) moved all the big pieces of furniture from our apartment to the condo I bought!

    I sure hope this condo starts feeling like home, soon!

  15. Has anyone else seen 4everfreebony's latest piece?  It was gorgeous!


  16. forget how stressful and exhausting moving can be!  Making sure all your stuff is accounted for, going back and forth between the old place and the new, carrying stuff up and down stairs, figuring out truck rentals, cleaning clutter out of the old place so you can actually move the furniture, having no idea why the new place has so many coaxial cables that come out of the wall (one in the bathroom?? really?!?!) but still aren't connected to the cable TV lines so you can't use them to hook up your router...!

    And then you STILL need to manage to have time for food, sleep, your job, laundry, and Animal Crossing on top of all of that!

    1. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      This calls for some catchy, motivational music. Do you remember this song?

      I recently released this btw:


  17. Welp, I'm officially addicted to Animal Crossings New Horizons!  (Friend code sw-3161-5667-6320 if you're interested :P )

  18. Well, the Whinny City con got postponed a few months...I was really rushing to get everything ready to head to Chicago, too.

    On the plus side, I was able to cancel my old hotel reservation and get a better reservation at a cheaper rate at the same hotel where they're hosting it!  This coronavirus scare has a few upsides, I suppose!  I shouldn't say that; it'll jinx it!

  19. :D According the the banner, I'm lively!

  20. I just saw a story online that disturbed me:  a genius programmer with an anxiety disorder basically fled to the woods to live alone like a crazy survivalist and then seemed to die due to an injury:

    What hits close to home about it is that I'm a programmer and I have an anxiety disorder...!

    1. PiratePony


      Don't go in the woods

  21. I was going to write that I'm still not quite over the series ending, but---then I saw Pear Butter and Bright Mack, working with their kids, and that REALLY gave me the feels!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HereComesTom


      Me too.  I actually wrote a fanfic of G-5, just to see how it might go, based on all the leaks I was aware of...well, most of them.  I think it's still out there on; it's called Brand New Day.

    3. Oblivion


      Still sad though....

    4. HereComesTom


      It is.  But I'm starting to get hyped about the comics continuing the story of G-4.

  22. Ugh.  Just ugh!

    I felt sad, but not depressed, while watching the finale.  But after watching it, I've gone into a spiral...

    The worst part was when I tried to sleep at night afterwards; I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I took a couple of knock-off NyQuil before going to bed.  But as it's 3:22am and I've probably slept for a total of two minutes, both of which awakened me with a despairing nightmare...well, I suspect those NyQuil contained something that's keeping me UP!

    I keep having feelings of despair and horror in the pit of my stomach:  no more new episodes of MLP!  I know the comics are coming, but still---the despair and horror just won't stop appearing in me!  And it's keeping me from sleeping!

    The worst part of THAT is what'll happen in the morning:  I won't be in any condition to go to work.  I do NOT want to be sitting in my apartment alone in the morning; that won't help with my depression and anxiety.  But that'll happen, too.

    I done got too attached to something, and now that it's gone, I'm miserable and afraid.  This is the second time this has happened to me in the last few weeks! to be me...

    1. TheRockARooster
    2. HereComesTom


      I'm feeling better this evening, but throughout the day, I was struggling with depression and anxiety.  There were times when I actually cried---not while watching the finale, but the day after watching it.  I was blubbing like a little child, and I'm in my mid-30s.

      Still...this reminded me a lot of things I've seen the characters do in the show:  just like Twilight in the Season 8 premiere, I didn't want to leave bed.  Just like Twilight in the Season 5 premiere, I didn't want to face any reminders of what I'd lost---I was trying to stay away from my computer so much that I did things like work for longer than I really needed to on my work computer (I have the ability to work over the internet), empty the dishwasher, and vacuum my apartment despite my low energy levels.  And just like Rainbow Dash in Tanks for the Memories, I found that it wasn't easy to cry, but after I was done crying, I actually felt better, like crying was cathartic.

      These characters were SO believable...!  I think that's what made FiM feel real to me.

  23. I've seen the finale and Jeric's/Say My Name's thank you video, and I've decided what I want to do:

    My Weather Factory Meltdown game engine was always meant to be versatile and to give other users the ability to make their own games.  And IIRC, when Lauren Faust was first asked to create Friendship is Magic, she was actually approaching Hasbro about making a franchise out of her Galaxy Girls characters.

    So...since my game is all about having a lot of characters in your party and letting them play off each others' strengths and cover each others' weaknesses, how would it be if I approached her with my game engine and let her use it to make a Galaxy Girls platform game?

    It's not ready today:  I'm still in the middle of working on equipment, items, and playable character buffs.  And I need to add customizable enemy attacks (including debuffs for playable characters) and customizable playable character abilities (including debuffs for enemies) before it'll actually be useful for Lauren.  And...well, ideally I'd have a better items system and a shopping system in the game, as well.

    But Lauren Faust gave us so much when she created these characters and the world they live in and the story they've been through; I'd like to give something back to her.

  24. Aaaaaand iTunes doesn't have the finale yet---it looks like it won't be available until tomorrow; it's Sundays that I get notifications that a new episode is available :/

  25. Dang...hard to believe the series is over...and my fangame is probably still a couple of years away from being done!  All because I just HAD to have a level editor for it...

    I don't quite consider it a failure; the level editor makes it versatile to the point where it can be used for other, non-MLP related stuff.  And even if it's after the series finale of G-4, that doesn't prevent other bronies from making fangames or other fan content---with or without my game.  Still, when I started, some part of me wanted to present it to Hasbro and get it approved...though I knew that'd be a long shot then, I know it's not even that now.


    What's really got me cut up, though, is the sheer finality of this finale.  I kind of wish I had some IRL friends who're into FiM, as then I'd have someone to talk with about it.