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  1. I'm just wondering, is his cutiemark poker chips or multicoloured sound bars? Just wanted to know before I turn on my creative juices for his name.
  2. I think it is cookie-worthy, my good sir. My only quibble (hah! I love that word!) is that her right eye's pupil seems like it should be a bit bigger, but maybe that's only me. Continue your art, I would like to see more.
  3. I'm back! Did ya miss me? :)

    1. Harmonic Revelations
    2. CITRUS KING46


      I didn't know you before now, but now that I do, it definitely feels like something was missing from my life. Welcome back!

  4. Granted, but it happens to a different Universe. I wish my cat didn't claw me every time I pick her up.
  5. Granted. Now you must have awkward conversations about it every time it comes up. I wish I were an element of Toast.
  6. Will not be on for a while, I got other things to be doin'.

  7. Nice name. Rolls off the tongue. Critics In the front view, his body is a bit oval shaped instead of round Hoofs look like they could cut paper. In side view, he looks a bit long, but that could just be me. Other than those, you get a cookie. Keep drawing, you good man.
  8. Hi Burnt Toast This is the Fox saying Hello to you. :)

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    2. Burnt Toast

      Burnt Toast

      Crisping bread is an art no filly,foal,mare or colt can duplicate if they want my awesome. I refuse any offers of help unless hoof-picked by MOI.

    3. Burnt Toast

      Burnt Toast

      So there, helper ponys. :3

    4. Fox801


      I think so?

  9. Granted, you now have a 66.5. I wish for...for...mish. Yes, mish.
  10. So this is my first time drawing Pinkie. Her face is easy, so I started with that. It's in crayon, sorry. Please tell me what I did right+wrong!
  11. Sad Pinkie. I could help her with her "friends"! WYR Babysit Pound+Pumpkin Cake everyday for a week Or A snot-nosed, MLP hating I-want-this-NOW sort of Brat?
  12. I think we should come up with a real name for..for...Her. Yes, Her. I shall call her Her until further notice. So any Ideas, namewise?
  13. No, my OC is Burnt toast. I meant the Nightmare Eye or Cece Night or whatever. (no offense meant! )
  14. Well, I'm great at stories, I think. Maybe we could work on one featuring whateverhernameis! I mean, um, I'd be happy to help, if you're interested...
  15. You know, that is a totally great Idea. Maybe she could have special ability to inflict torture when you look into her eyes, and you would go through all the nightmares she ever had. Maybe.