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  1. here is my list on the MLP movie (2017) -i feel ya twilight. dashie is show-off on her "awesome" rainboom as usual and jeopardizing the mission by "encouraging" the parrot pirates 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ nice encouraging song girlie. but stop showing off sooo much!!! -no doubt dash is just as villainous as katara -i also agreed with twily that this handsome kitty sniffs trouble -tempest was also a cool villain by her broken childhood and horn. hope she'd fry that kitten traitor tonight (even he’s that charming) -rarity + clover = high flair multitaskers 💋💋 (totally spies ref
  2. here is my first time doing my actual MLP fanart. I tried to draw my best on the mane 6, including the background characters (I think you might know these two)
  3. this episode is just as flawless as rarity. i loved how this episode teaches us about self-confidence and inner beauty, no matter how ugly we may look on the outside. i give this episode 10/10 <3 rarity's punk appearance is HAWT! and it's great to see diamond tiara again, this time not acting stuck-up like her filthy-rich dad
  4. This episode was really good to enjoy and learn a life-lesson value: giving the "lost-cause" the second chance. I was amazed to admit Starlight Glimmer had outdone herself. I never really wanted to like her after she attempted to reform herself (possibly that sob-story she shared during the 5th season finale) at first, even when she came across impulsive with her magic and problem-solving sometimes. Her speech did rang the bell towards the changelings, giving them an opportunity to help Pharynx defeat that mole-looking monster. I'm not a fan of Thorax. Even when he claimed he's the leader o
  5. well written blog! it's good to see starlight being the hero in this episode. This time, she's really changing herself into somepony better
  6. powerpuff-tsubasa

    Health Anyone Workout?

    I do zumba whenever there's a free class running by. Zumba's a great opportunity to lose weight. It also helps development your enjoyment to dancing
  7. This episode was very great to watch. I liked how Spike attempted to solve a friendship problem involving Ember and Thorax who are different species. It is sad how the right character gets bashed by friends, but they still got to cool it down sometimes. I also liked how Spike's spikes flashed
  8. i felt the same as well. when i watched this episode i cringed. I went "Hasn't Starlight learned anything about abusing magic?" I also find it disappointing that she's only making matters worse to the celestial princesses. She sure is the main antagonist in this episode, and a bad one for sure
  9. yes. i'm glad she's trying to grow, but i still don't trust her fully whether she would be better or worse
  10. very strange to admit spike isn't with twilight in this episode. in the beginning, i didn't trust starlight on the journal distribution. i was afraid she would commit a marketing scheme and betray the mane 6. luckily none of that happened (although i think starlight is kinda meh for me). otoh, i loved the musical showcase the mane 6 sang. They wanted the crowd to prove they're imperfect on friendships.
  11. mostly in the night. I often tend to get creative during afternoons too depending on my mood
  12. i'm waiting for the new CCS clear card chapter to read and the new OVA that's coming up in next month
  13. ok. i'll let you know that i have (see spoiler). doesn't matter if we remember the show that precisely
  14. sorry, but i dislike it when people said "listen you..." whatever that is. i get easily upset when i hear that. how would you feel if i said "Listen mate, I knew..."
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