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  1. I'd defiantly go with drowning. I can't go one day without food.. food Food FOOD!! Plus drowning is a lot quicker.. If I were to starve I would have to live a couple days without food..... Food. :okiedokielokie:
  2. Haven't been having the best of days recently.. Hope everything resolves itself in the end. ;-;

  3. Just bought some speakers for my computer.. About time.. I've been using headphones for the past few months b/c I was too lazy to search for some.. So I just bought some from GameStop since I had a $25 gift card for there.
  4. Seen the newest Robocop on Netflix.. watched that instantly!

  5. I'm becoming less of a closet Brony than I use to be. I use to keep it hidden from my family, but then my sister caught me and told my entire family.. I now somewhat open with me and they even occasionally buy me pony merchandise. In public is where I'm more in the closet. I don't wear or do anything pony related in public (Although I wear my Brony necklace once in a while).. at least when I can help it.. I have caught myself heavily quoting the show without even planning it..
  6. I'm a shower person.. I'll take a bath on the very rare occasion. Showers are just more efficient and feel better in my opinion.
  7. Chrome. I used Firefox for awhile, but I personally like the setup and look of Chrome more.. that, and Chrome is much faster.
  8. When typing messages such as this one I type using all my fingers. But when I type short messages, such as a quick reply, I will type with five fingers on my right hand and use my left hand to press the shift key when needed.
  9. *Finished Hellsing Ultimate for the second time. One of my favorite anime.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AngelofDeath


      /) Have you seen any of the Abridged episodes??

    3. TheDashingRainbow


      Yep. Love them too! I personally enjoy the original more though. :P

    4. AngelofDeath


      I loved the Abridged episodes but I also enjoy Hellsing Ultimate more. XD

  10. Finished Hellsing Ultimate for the second time. One of my favor

  11. The name means 'Black God' in Russia.. >:-P Thank you, and feedback you be great! Just don't go to rough as I am still new to shading and backgrounds.
  12. Just finished my OC! I'm very proud of this one.
  13. Only 0F over here in Michigan! ~Check that.. it's 12F
  14. What about a world without disease?! How different would the world be?! Scientists wouldn't have to spend time searching and testing new drugs and antibiotics.. and people wouldn't die off as fast.