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  1. Most people don't bother with full body shots when they first start drawing humans, I really admire the fact that you went for it. Good point: The hair and face is cute, she certainly has a sweet personality. You have also drawn her in a innocent shy pose which adds to that personality, good job! Advice: The body is a little awkward. I'd recommend looking at some tutorials! I particularly like this one because it shows a great technique were you use shapes to get the bodies proportions correct. I think it's a good method for people starting to draw. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Basic
  2. Flytee

    Last thing you drew

    awww Thank you! :D That makes me really happy
  3. Flytee

    Last thing you drew

    I guess it is to late now...which is a shame because its really is good and I admire anyone who can draw a car in anyway...my bad though I certainly just got put on my place pff
  4. Flytee

    Last thing you drew

    Since this popped up on my main page I'll just post the last thing I drew. It's a werewolf for a new set of Halloween themed stickers I'm working on
  5. I understand that England has lots and lots of problems (no countries perfect at the end of the day) but I wouldn't want to be from any where else. Don't get me wrong I enjoy moaning as much as the next English person...but I also like to remind myself that this country has a lot of perks as well- It's got a stunning countryside, a rich fascinating history, beautiful architecture both old and new, a great sense of humor and a unique culture that is entirely our own. I also enjoy how secular our media and schools are. so yeah I guess you could say I'm patriotic... I mean I just generally f
  6. I wish it would be a bit more daring with it's story lines...I mean just because something is a kids show it doesn't mean it can't tackle more complex themes. I must admit I occasionally find myself get really bored during mlp episodes, they can be predictable and even when there is a moderate threat, I always know that some sort of magical mcguffin will abruptly save the day. I don't expect my little pony to ever be as dark and compelling as an adult TV show, but I think the writers are underestimating their audience, and that includes the child side of it. All I want is to see the charac
  7. I have no seen the teaser so I wouldn't know...though I am pleased to hear this. I think it would be a smart move by hasbro is it went that way.
  8. I like to think that that scene was a subtle nod to the fandom, but I wouldn't say that it's made Lyra x Bonbon canon. Which is a shame really...homosexual couples in children's programing would be a nice step towards normalizing them.
  9. Flytee

    Visual Art Random pokemon!

    @sugarcuddles I do that same, it can be a neat and simple way of building up their personalities and turning them into actual characters :3 Anyway here are some new pictures! I drew my current favorite pokemon Goodra and my own Flareon Bowie I really like how these two picture came out
  10. Dragon type could be fun! In terms of my teams, I'd try to go for one that's a bit varied... something like this Goodra Kingdra Tryrantrum Altaria Dragonite my second choice would be Grass Venusaur Breloom Abomasnow Roserade
  11. You can still be in the MLP:FiM fandom (which will probably just been known as the brony fandom in the future) even after Gen 5 happens. It's no different to people who are still avid members of the original mlp show/ toys despite not liking Gen 4
  12. yay to be honest the idea of another cartoon featuring the adorable personalities and shenanigans of the mane six is welcomed news for me! Also I'm kind of hoping that they use this show for the "slice of life" story lines and make the original my little pony more fantasy based as a result. I'd love to see more world building and dark adventures.
  13. nope. Though I did recently apply for a job at one u__u
  14. Flytee

    Visual Art Random pokemon!

    thank yooou Here are some silly old doodles of members of my pokemon x y team. Hopefully I will get a chance to do some proper pokemon pictures soon
  15. Flytee

    Rarity Fan Art!

    Rarity is by far the hardest of the mane six to draw! Well done for doing it The mane is particularly well formed...though it does look a tad traced.
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