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  1. i can draw like that and its true i am night breeze i promise
  2. Use This Website. It Has Canon Ponies ^ like pinkie pie And Even non canon ponies like the rainbow dash sentry from my little portal
  3. cause they are cute ... yep.... yep...
  4. Idk what i was doing... probably sleeping or eating as i was only 3 months
  5. yep i guess Well not anymore anyway
  6. This is my new account as i keep loosing my password : P Anyway do you want anything like this
  7. Maybe in the types of bronies you could include the Brony Musicians / Remixers
  8. Would it be ok if i request one OC's Name: Blue Feather References for color or color you want OC to be: Reference of base/picture you want me to make into vector: Extras: Headset
  9. My OC'S Are: Blue Feather. im making Yuki a giveaway on my dA Account
  10. Oberon off of overlord. sheesh he is hard to get to then he keeps spawning unicorns and massive guys to fight for him... they usually kill your minions instantly as well. impossible if low on minions