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  1. Treasure gave a low whistle, eyeing the massive cart, then looked at Ochre with concern. "Wow. That's an awful lot of stuff. Do you want any help? I can carry some of it, or spell you or something." The old inkeep in Horseshoe Bay had been a taskmaster, but Treasure was used to hard work because of him. "I know I'm no draft horse, but I can help."
  2. "Treasure, please." The mare fell into step alongside the two stallions. "I'm not sure why I was brought along, honestly. I have a talent for finding lost items; maybe the island is lost, and I'm supposed to track it down that way? Otherwise, I don't know what I have to offer that any other, more local, wharf rat wouldn't." Turning to Tech, Treasure nodded. "Yes, we did. Those... Clockwork fillies you had with you. I'd never seen anything like them before, and I was curious. I have to admit, I didn't expect either of them to speak. How did you manage that? A spell worked into the metal, somehow? Or are you just a really good ventriloquist?" She laughed a little at the end, half-joking, but it was true that those two were beyond anything she had ever seen or heard of before. Well, short of drunken sailors' tales, anyway.
  3. "Treasure Trove," she replied, relieved,and shook Ochre's hoof gratefully. "I presume you're in charge of this little trip, then. Where exactly are we going? Just taking a trip into uncharted waters sounds... Dangerous." It sounded like fun, too, but Treasure kept that remark to herself. Her lack of desire to return home was not something likely shared, and it wasn't something she really wanted to discuss, anyway.
  4. Sugar Cone
  5. Not used to being ignored, Treasure blinked in annoyance as the silver mare strode past her, then shrugged it off. Well, she looked like she was on a mission anyway, she thought to herself. I'm sure it was important. Maybe someone else can help me. "Hello," she called, boarding the ship. "Hey! Am I on the right boat or aren't I?"
  6. Treasure trotted down the pier, her pack slung between her shoulder-blades. "Hey," she called, peering through the early-morning fog at the cluster of ponies beside the ship at the end of the dock. "Are you guys the expedition I'm supposed to be joining? I never actually got a chance to talk to any of you." She came to a stop as a silver unicorn mare exited the ship. "My name's Treasure Trove. I believe I'm supposed to be on this journey?"
  7. Ooo...kay? Hm. Thanks for the info, I'll go figure out what Treasure's doing.
  8. Sorry! I wound up house-sitting for my brother last night while he went to go see his wife. What's happened in the RP while I was gone? My phone kept saying there was some kind of internal server error, so I'm a bit behind. The fight ended, Ochre joined, then what? @Sparkle Sword, I think Jonas was just trying to help all of us. They are common mistakes, after all. No need to get up in arms over it. No one's chastising here, just trying to help.
  9. Treasure strolled up to set a hoof on a stallion's shoulder. "Now, now, I don't think there's any need for fuss. In fact, I'm sure these gentlecolts were just leaving." She leaned in close to the stallion, her hoof tightening just a bit around his neck as she gave the best threatening smile she could. "Isn't that right, friend?"
  10. Treasure tried to hide her surprise as the clockwork fillies spoke. "Just wanted to say hello. You three seemed interesting. My name's Treasure Trove. I'm new in town, just come up from Horseshoe Bay, and while I haven't been too far from home, I haven't ever seen anything like these fillies. I was curious, and I wanted to meet you." Then the commotion over by the bar caught her attention. "Uh oh. Looks like I picked the wrong time to step away from the bar." She glanced at the three ponies beside her. "Uh, sorry to cut it short, but those mares are outnumbered. I'm gonna go see if I can lend a hoof." Treasure started towards the bar, calmly at first, but ready to run in if things went bad.
  11. Treasure slid the innkeeper the bits for the room and stretched as she stood up from the bar. Across the room, a stallion and two strange-looking pieces of... Clockwork? were headed up the stairs. Curious, Treasure bounded over, swerving to avoid a standing patron as she hurried to catch up. "Hey, wait!"
  12. Treasure waved a quiet thank-you to the strange mare as she left. "Dang," she muttered to herself, "I was hoping to talk to her. Oh well. She probably had a long day." She took a drink from the frosted mug in front of her. "Mm! Root beer's good here. That's something, at least. Maybe I should get a room for the night and stop talking to myself."
  13. Treasure Trove opened the tavern door slowly, trying to calm her nerves. She had never been so far from home before, but that odd letter had been mailed from this town. Besides, she'd take any excuse to escape the Barnacle. And if she could get out to sea, maybe she'd even find her father again. Treasure slipped inside and scanned the crowd. There, at the bar, was a half-familiar face. The mare had probably come into the Barnacle a time or two, so maybe she was friendly. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and strode over to the empty barstool next to the mare and her companion. The two seemed deep in conversation, so she waved the barkeep over and ordered a root beer to drink while she waited for an opening.
  14. I didn't think we couldn't, either. I'm just saying it wasn't expressly stated. I don't have another character that would fit anyway, so it doesn't matter in my case.
  15. I didn't, but I don't have any other OCs that would be right for this RP right now.
  16. NAME: Treasure Trove OCCUPATION: Freelance treasure-hunter/part-time tavern worker HOMETOWN: Horseshoe Bay RACE: Earth Pony GENDER: Female AGE: 16-18, relatively. Young adult. BACKSTORY: Kinda long. A link would be faster. CREW POSITION: Navigator, if it's still open?
  17. Treasure's link is in my sig; I'll post it properly once I'm on from a real computer instead of my phone.
  18. This sounds like it has Treasure Trove written all over it. I'd love to play.
  19. Okay; I get east and west flipped around sometimes. Looking for islands, then, or even a whole new continent? Sounds awesome! Same thing, though. Do a little bit of research, come up with some story ideas, and build off of them. Maybe they find their goal, but a shipwreck leaves them stranded. Maybe they have to negotiate for land with the people who already live there. Are the natives ponies, or something else? Is there a language barrier? Are there sea-monsters they have to fight? Come up with a few situations, but be flexible. The players might put you in a position where you can't use one or more of your ideas. It's a hard balance to find, but you'll hit it eventually.
  20. East? Okay, that's a desert, right? Now there are two more things to do. First, and more important, is the story. Where do they find the habitable area? Is it an oasis, or a sheltered valley? A large, flat mesa-top? How do they get there? Are they blown off-course by a sandstorm with no way home, leaving them stranded in the wilderness? Was it just a dangerous trek into uncharted territory? Then try googling some desert-dwelling monsters, and see if there's anything you'd like your players to face.
  21. Alright, this sounds like it has potential. What direction will the scouting party be headed in? North, into the frozen wastes? South, into the harsh desert? Over the ocean, looking for islands? Into the swamps? Jungles? I would suggest you take a look at the 'official' map, and try to expand upon it a little.
  22. Yeah, maybe. Okay, let's get started. I'll go set up the RP thread. Here's the RP! Have at it, guys. We've waited long enough.