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  1. This type of arrogance is sure to be expected From men who speak of wisdom with no clue of what respect is! You Westerners are sloppy, needing discipline in life. You lack control of yourselves and of the mic. While we use precise strikes to disrupt your concentration, Hand you an ass-whipping our descendants will honor for generations! We filled a nation with patience and the presence for living, And you'll never hold a candle to the wisdom we've written!
  2. Mountain Time, don't sleep until around 2-3 AM though so yeah
  3. High Note was leaving the bar around the same time Quill and Lightning had walked outside. She walked to her shop, which was near the bar and sat on her porch, messing with her harp. She tried not to be obvious as she eavesdropped on the two that were at the bar, since Lightning seemed to be a bit tense.
  4. I'm coming off the Acropolis to start some pandemonium.
  5. My dog got a peice of its tail bit off o_o

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      =( my cat had that happen to her too *hug<3

  6. Name: High Note (If citizen) Trade, Job, Carrer, ETC.: She makes and sells instruments I have a link in my signature. Powers: Her powers mostly have to do with music, or just normal unicorn things like levitating items to not hold them. She doesn't study magic much, since what she knows is what she needs to know for her job, but she will study every once in a while.
  7. man im the coolest thing ever lol rekt
  8. oh no hockey and stuff oh no running away and stuff
  9. what do you mean i dont get a cookie