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  1. Hey, that's a nice banner you've made there. :)

  2. Okay, I've tied up all the loose ends as best I could and edited out as many cringey posts as possible (gark, quoting system and the lack of a delete button!). After going back and forth about it for a while, I'm ready to leave the forums for realsies now.

    It's been a good run and I had some fun, I guess. Shoutout to the cool peeps at Last Poster Wins! If you really want to find me, hop over to deviantArt. You know where it is if you know me! 

    And just pretend I didn't say anything I said on here, a lot of it was made up anyways haha
    If there's ever a delete option, delete my posts, for privacy reasons and also to remove embarrassment from that time I pretended I was French... or from Japan... or from China... or that I was Stormgiggle... (okay that one was an April Fools prank) I'm a real mystery, huh! Just how I like it.

    Anyways, that is that! In a short while, I'll look back on this statement and think it's cringey and awkward too, but eh. I don't think anyone's going to really care enough to look at everything I ever did and judge me on it. And if you're planning on doing that because you read that, seriously. Don't.

    May you be blessed with the best memes,
    Starlight / Times / Prism / Sonata 

  3. Yei a Starlight fan.

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      Starlight Fan

      don't be sad!

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      So should I be happy and throw a farewell party then CC:C:C:C:C:C:C:? 

  4. EEK! TWILIGHT'S A CHANGELING! I HAVE TO TELL TWILIGH- wait, Starlight, calm down, calm down, we can fix this Hi.. Twilight... it's nice to.. see you? Alright, look. I know you're not Twilight, and you could easily go back to Chrysalis and get us all killed, but why not give friendship a chance? I know you need to accept your dark side and weaknesses. But you shouldn't let them take over you, and my friends have helped me make sure it won't happen to me! I don't ever want to feel how I felt when I realised I was wrong! Forcing other ponies to do your bidding just isn't right! The real Twilight taught me this! And I can help you! You just need to find some love, and share it! I hope that worked OOC: Ah, alright, I'll do one last reply. Guess I was silly to reactivate the thread as well! Haha silly me, telling people off for doing something then doing it myself! If anyone else wants to take up on being Starlight, be my guest!
  5. OOC: I forgot this existed, it hadn't been active for 2 years yknow, I actually came back to "delete" it (edit the OP), but I felt bad not replying to all these people! So, I'll respond to the current set of questions just for fun! Maybe someone else can take on the role of Starlight? It was amazing! And scary. I didn't think I could do it, and I'm still amazed that I could, to be honest. I'm not sure what I would've done without Trixie there. And those other guys too. Witchcraft? I'm not sure what that is! Maybe I should ask Twilight, I'm sure she has a book on it. Spike says she has a book on everything, and I'm pretty sure that's true from what I've seen! I used to think that Twilight was only trying to ruin everything I built, and that she didn't understand me, but I see her perspective now. I still think that humiliating me in front of my entire village was not the best way to fix things though... I've put those ideals behind me, I hope you can too... I just don't like talking about my past! Depends on what you mean by deep south. Do they have good lighting there? Is there a village dedicated to creating lighting fixtures?! Maybe I could get Trixie a custom lamp for her birthday in her image, since she likes to say she lights up the room wherever she goes... Oh, I wouldn't try to do that anymore! I'm a changed pony! Just ask Twilight! She'll tell you! Do the ponies of Equestria still not forgive me? Pinkie helped me apologise to her, ponies in this town are so forgiving! I still think using magic to make cakes is much more convenient, but using baking utensils is actually a lot more enjoyable!
  6. wow look at how things have changed For some reason I come back here every three months, so here I am. According to the power of power, I win for the next 5 pages >inb4 all the new members wonder who I am
  7. Hey guys! I got inspired to give Internet Explorer another chance. Today is the 19th of May, and it's the day that the haters finally see that browser isn't as slow as they thought! Yep. I managed to win without even posting! Yee! You're still alive! For now! What do you mean it's already August
  8. Oh that was drawn by the person who made "Recall the time of No Return"? Wowza geez they're good at everything *wins again*
  9. Did you just post a picture of threats towards ducks? How could you? Ducks are sacred creatures! WITH THE POWER OF DUCK I ANNOUNCE I WIN
  10. but only dank memes only taking memes if they're dank enough
  11. The opening post has been updated for Season 6 Starlight! Also all images are now replaced with GIFs as Starlight cannot be captured in a mere static image! Only GIFs can do her justice! BEST MANE 7
  12. Nay! With the power of Yee I declare that I ALWAYS win! Technically speaking though, everyone has won at one point or another. Everyone has been last poster at one point or another. So maybe it isn't a competition of who is the last poster currently... it's who's the last poster the most. *gasps*
  13. yee! went through a few pages. the thread isn't quite the same nowadays but eh at least it looks like we still have some memes here