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  1. So we all know the Bethesda is coming out with Fallout 4 for October 23 2015. (from this most resent video posted thursday here) So my biggest question, to all those FEQ readers. Do you thing Kkat will make a follow up series based off of the new fallout game? Maybe a new fanfic to add the rest of the fallout equestrian universe? Post your thoughts below, and share to the rest of the pony fandom! P.S. Always Follow the form rulez~! P.S.S. Im so hyped for the game!!! (thank you for the move @PathfinderCS) Night Spark.
  2. What about other places like the Alps or UK areas? Could Russimane = Russia ?
  3. I would like to have my tumblr page known about/out there for others to check out would that be ok?