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  1. 467095 It has been a while, and I'm only here for nostalgia. Horrible, horrible nostalgia.
  2. Sorry I haven't been online, my schedule's just been Overwatch recently

  3. 409423 What's the flight plan?
  4. Golly gosh, living is difficult

    1. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      Not living is even harder, so it's s lose-lose situation. Lol

  5. 409421 hack = 1 if hack == 1: hackforums = 1
  6. 409417 x = y oops I hacked the forums
  7. 408981 Roses are red, violets are blue, [3:36 PM] Actually the bot snaps in two
  8. [3:14 PM] Actually the bot snaps in two: @everyone, @Nokel just got a Covert - AK-47 | Fire Serpent (MW)!(edited) Just testing my new discord bot, obviously it unboxes cases. Good time to advertise my server: https://discord.gg/0qDLnEY912UAskYg
  9. It's 12am and I think I just dislocated my shoulder, how do I fix this

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    2. Snow


      you dont need to become a soviet worker to be productive, "just DO IT" or just slam your shoulder into the wall to pop it back in :P

      probably hurt like hell buuuttt... it wont hurt when the pain goes away ;)

    3. Hopes and Memes

      Hopes and Memes

      wait I have a better idea, if I jump off the roof and land on my head, that'll break my neck and the pain from my shoulder will go away

    4. Snow


      10/10 would recommend to a friend