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  1. As a request I did Roger Waters one of the singers of Pink Floyd, I hope you like it and tell me what you think and who I should make next and please no hateful comments! Enjoy!!!
  2. I actually was thinking about doing Roger waters Next to David Gimour but I decided that would be to much. Ill post a Ponified Roger Waters tomorrow!
  3. Yes another one This time its David Gilmour one of the Guitarist's for Pink Floyd. I added the albums he mostly wrote songs in. The top three being Wish You Were Here, A Mommentary Lapse of Reason, Pink Floyds newest album The Endless River. Anyway tell me what you think and who I should make next and please no hateful comments! Enjoy!!!
  4. Its his Guitar used on the video Fly By Night
  5. The wing got in the way Its just his guitar, like I said the music video on vevo I think of Fly By Night inspired me, the guitar Geddy Lee used in the video is the one I put on his flank.
  6. I was listening to Fly By Night by Rush when I was inspired. It took about 30 minutes to make. :okiedokielokie: Also I choose red cause that's what Geddy Lee was wearing. Tell me what you think and who I should make next and please no hateful comments! Enjoy!
  7. JayJayFlutter

    Hello everypony

    Welcome Creative! By your wonderful name i'm going to guess ill see some art from you here on the forums. Hope you have a pleasant time here!
  8. JayJayFlutter


    Hi focus.alex and welcome to the forums I hope to see some posts from you!!
  9. JayJayFlutter

    Hello Everypony /)

    Welcome to the forums MistBlitz!
  10. Woah good art style, the structure of her head reminds me of a Princess actually. But to me everything Fluttershy is a 10/10 to me
  11. JayJayFlutter

    Sunset Shimmer

    Wow this is cool Sunset Shimmer is really cool especially cause shes not evil any more
  12. JayJayFlutter


    The cuteness... I like this style of art its very nice and being that it is Fluttershy I like it even more good work!
  13. Hm interesting... Good video though!
  14. JayJayFlutter

    Rarity's Room

    Those eyes... That mane... Sooooo much detail good work I really like it!
  15. JayJayFlutter

    Dashie and Tank

    Wow fantastic sculpting skills, I love it good work!
  16. I really want to see your Sculpted Discord that sounds awesome!
  17. I believe that Derpy's new name is Perfectlynormal Graypony lolol, but good art work I like it!
  18. JayJayFlutter

    Rainbow Dash art?

    I like it so what if its not the best its still pretty cool, but more practice will make your art more wonderful than it already is!
  19. JayJayFlutter

    Rainbow Dash Fly

    Wow this is awesome! Good art style I love it!
  20. Defiantly awesome that's like the coolest thing ever it looks like GMod actually!
  21. JayJayFlutter


    Hm well it's defiantly different, but I like it good work!
  22. JayJayFlutter

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Ah good point lol, thank you for the welcome!
  23. JayJayFlutter

    Rarity Wallpaper

    Wow what an awesome wallpaper good job!
  24. JayJayFlutter

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Well I guess i'm new, about 2 months of being on the forums actually but yes I guess new
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