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  1. Hi everypony, I am crocheting a Princess Luna plushie (courtesy of the Nerdy Knitter's pattern on Ravelry) and I am looking for opinions on open or closed wings! Please comment lol Thanks!
  2. This is so cool! and Super cute! I haven't come up with colors for my OC yet, but All of your designs look great!
  3. Allure Threads

    Hello everypony

    I am too! Can I tag along? and I'm in college! But I'm a gir- oops filly- oops mare! X)
  4. Allure Threads


    Welcome to the herd! Some day they will join and see the ways! I am 22 and a girl and my girlfriends make fun of me! This is a great forum to chat and talk about MLP. See you around!
  5. I'll have to look into it! and Gracias!
  6. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: On google How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I have watched MLP since I was little and started to watch MLP: Friendship is Magic via Netflix last fall and fell in love! My name on Poniverse is posted as MaryMare, kind of like a play on "Jane Doe/John Doe" because I couldn't come up with an original character name. Everypony on here is so nice and supportive of new members and helping come up with OC's. Soooooo...... Hi everypony! My name is Allure Threads! I love to craft, hablo espanol y
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