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  1. Hands down "I Am Just A Pony" from the Mane Attraction. Literally such an amazing and emotional song both in context of the episode but also on its own.
  2. Discord, Anthropology, Love Me Cheerilee and Sinking Ships are classics. I've rediscovered a few more obscure songs recently that I liked back in the day and they just hit different.
  3. Dang this is an old thread. I'm here I guess because of nostalgia since I haven't used the forums in like 3 years, and the pleasant atmosphere the community/show has!
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this or even why I'm posting this since I never go on here, but here we are. Just posting this in hopes that anyone I knew and talked to back in the day will stumble across this at some point, or even for people who are in the same boat as me revisiting the forum/reminiscing on the past who can relate. Guess I also need somewhere to rant haha. I'm PonyLaces, I don't go by that name anymore but I used to browse these forums about 5 years ago and stopped in about 2016 or 2017. Things happen and I grew up and lost interest in the show and its direction. Plus I wasn't super big into the fandom to begin with, but I was really into analysis. There was also some random forum drama going on or something that I don't even remember now that partially caused me to leave which is kinda funny lol. I have revisited here from time to time, but essentially forgot about this part of my life since it's admittedly a little embarrassing. After everything that's been happening in the world and being cooped up at home, as well as finally turning into a legal adult and making my next step towards my future in college, I found myself reminiscing on the show as well as this forum since it was pretty much the only way I was part of the fandom. Even the show turning a decade old today (wow!!!) inspired me to revisit and create this post. I often found the show and this community an escape from kind of a sad and an underwhelming high school life (but it gets better!). This show was such a big part of my life and one of the childhood cartoons that really shaped me as a person. It even influenced my current enjoyment of film, TV, and some anime. I did watch the MLP finale (even though I haven't watched the new seasons and forgot what happened in past seasons so I didn't really understand anything), but enjoyed it and thought it was nice to watch the show's conclusion instead of forgetting about it. I have such a soft spot for this show and will defend it in any circumstance regardless of me losing interest in it. I'm terrible at talking to people so the few users from here that I did have contact with I have not talked to in a very long time. I still enjoyed talking to people from here and have met so many users who were a part of my life at some point. I don't see myself using this a ton again, but it is nice to read and catch up on the show/fandom!
  5. yo this show old as hell lol (happy 10 yr anniversary and i have temporarily risen from the dead!)

  6. Spoiler since my list contains the early released episodes. They're just episode titles, but to be safe.. I like all of them though, just some more than others.
  7. Your new avatar = you after Glideance. XP

    1. ponylaces


      Can't get any more accurate than that ;p

  8. I feel the same way. I was originally not going to watch the early releases, but I know they exist and I can't help myself. Just wish they'd stop airing these early episodes in Canada and just go back to normal. I hate how everything is divided like this.
  9. Humor + Parents + Realistic conflict + Scootaloo focus + Rainbow Dash development = Fucking great episode Really hope he writes more episodes this season.
  10. The new episode was fucking fantastic 

    1. Sir Floof

      Sir Floof

      We should really call her Flutterbold from now on, because she was not shy at all. It's impressive how far she's come since S1.