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  1. Miles

    By coincidence, I came across an old post of yours... I wish you were still around. I really liked your posts... http://puu.sh/grc4b/fdfbf153b3.png

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I dont know... I dont like school that much though...
  4. I would not risk losing any of my hands to save any fictional small witchcraft horse, especially worst-horse. Witchcraft is illegal here anyways.
  5. What crazy things do you see?
  6. Oh... Thats odd... I wish I could do that! I am not a morning person.
  7. Wait, really? I did not know there was an upside too it... What do you mean by felt amazing?
  8. I remember having Sleep Paralysis when I was younger, no scary dreams, just unable to move. Although once I had my head in the pillow when that was happening and I almost could not breathe. I also have a friend that once had a bout of it where he saw Slender Man just flying around in his room. She said it was more funny then anything else. Ether way, do you have any problems with it? Or any stories maybe?
  9. Yea! Its really comforting! I am also noticing that this is the most I have spoken on this site at one time... I guess I am shy... Hehe...
  10. When I am at home, I like to put it in my Hijab and wear it like its a hat.
  11. Im 17 now. And that is awesome! I actually sleep with a big white stuffed teddy-dog thing... Its like the size of my head!
  12. N-no... Maybe... I know I should not be though, Im 17... Im too old for that...