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    Gaming(PC, Xbox, PlayStation or older systems) My little pony of course, traveling, hockey (No Canadian stereotype), drawing, (paint or pencil). animation, takes an hour for 7-8 sec's, but just started a week ago. I also enjoy singing.

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  1. How can you describe life in one word?

    1. A Black Circle
    2. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle

      because it is an opportunity to do something amazing and change the world

    3. NeedsMoreGoth


      How about a number? 0

  2. Cosmic Nexus

    Visual Art Drawings

    Wowza, these are absolutely fantastic! Jeez, day I could even near Close to something like this would surprise me.
  3. Cosmic Nexus

    How they will look

    They're incredibly well made, definitely a different art style, But as everyone would say, a little improvement would fix it. Love the Derpy painting the most! keep up the good work and they'll always improve overtime.
  4. So, from my conclusion for driving for about six days, It may give you freedom, but MAN is it nerve-wrecking! Also, its been exactly one month since I've joined.

    1. Super Sand Legend

      Super Sand Legend

      Hmm. Seems it was actually a month and a day :P

      And I no driver.

    2. Super Sand Legend
  5. So, from my conclusion for driving for about six days, It may give you freedom, but MAN is it nerve-wrecking!

  6. MLP predicting the future currency?! and I thought the Pinkie Sense was bad enough! Canadian dollar coins always remind me of bits honestly. Oh, wait....
  7. WHY haven't they made an episode five of Taimanin Asagi yet?! Kind of feel like Poppin' some caps right about now...
  8. I know myself well enough to trust myself only, I'd bring no-one. Knowing what catastrophic consequences that could occur with a portal to the land of Equestria if 'Certain' Bronys were the owners or if it was released to the public would cause dire problems. Other than that, it'd be amazing! Except a little creepy when you think of Ponyville through your eyes, walking around, 6''1 maybe, and they're all 3''2 and the first pony you would see, is Lyra. awkward indeed.
  9. I love questions like these. Jack of Hearts, for me the name just rolls of the tongue.
  10. Watching EQG 2 in a couple minutes. It's gonna be awesome!

  11. I'm still on the first series, i've just started about five days ago, I honestly cant wait for Brotherhood! Sadly, the show is finished, I don't want it to end!
  12. Got recommended by a friend to watch FullMetal Alchemist, So far I'm enjoying far more than I pictured I would. It's epic!
  13. That moment when you're old enough to be given the keys to car, never been more happier!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Queen Chryssie

      Queen Chryssie

      I personally don't want to drive XD

    3. NeedsMoreGoth


      Vespas all the way! :D

    4. ListArt


      Good to see things are looking up for you. ^^

  14. Happy birthday :)

    1. Cosmic Nexus

      Cosmic Nexus

      Thank you! :) Finally 16!

    2. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Congratz my friend! I hope you will have wonderful birthday.

  15. Cosmic Nexus

    Gaming Your Favorite Co-Op Games?

    Surprisingly, no one mentioned Garry's mod (Trouble in terrorist town, RP servers, etc.) It's one of the many good co-op games on steam, aside from portal, TF2, L4D/L4D2 and League of Legends. and the infamous COD Zombies, Halo (1,2,3,reach and 4.), and one of my favorites as well, PayDay 2. These are all my fav. Co-op games.
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