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  1. Fluttershy? Hint for next person: It's not Rainbow Dash despite my icon and profile saying she's my favorite.
  2. There are two different types of people in high school. Jerks and Derps.

    1. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      no there is more then that: Jocks, idiots, jerks, bullies, dram queens/kings, crybabies, tryhards, nerds, geeks, bronies


      I am part of last three

    2. BitterBubblegum


      Yeah, but jerks and derps are two simpler ways to place things. ^_^

    3. SCS


      High school is my favorite place in the universe





      not really

  3. What are your top ten favorite pokemon? Just list them here! Mine are: 10. chandelure 9. pumpkaboo 8. Infernape 7. Staraptor 6. Ambipom 5. Mega Absol 4. Totodile 3. Quilava 2. Luxray 1. SHINY EEVEE
  4. Little timmy, those are a little thing called demons.
  5. Flash animation. I'm no jan animations or sillyfillystudios but I can make something.
  6. Getting myself out of bed. But in all honesty, the most badass thing I've done was save someone from a bear, oh and once I accidentally shot an endangered bird with my bow and arrow.
  7. Mine was in the war. He got some sort of infection and died few weeks afterwards.
  8. Everyone at school hates me. I'm dumb at times I'm not good at paying attention I get grumpy easily I'm terrible at math I get into fights easily