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  1. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Sorry for the late reply, yes a slot just opened ^^
  2. So I made a keychain design of Star Guardian Ezreal from League of Legends, thinking of maybe having the whole Star Guardian characters or maybe some other designs? ^-^
  3. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Yes there is one slot left ^^
  4. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Thanks! ^^
  5. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    @Crypty Thank youu ! ^^
  6. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Finished a commission for Silver Herald ^^
  7. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Slots are currently closed, but you can reserve a slot if youre interested
  8. Heyo! Just found your DA page and wanted to say that you're very gifted pony and talented artist ^~^

    1. Ariida-chi


      Oooh thank you soo much > <

    2. internet pone

      internet pone

      You're welcome. You deserved it ^-^

  9. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Sent you a pm ^^
  10. Huh. If you don't mind me saying so about your avatar pic... thingie. That's about the only time I've ever seen Flesh-Colored Pony Coats work.

    1. Ariida-chi


      Its actually really light pink but I guess the shading in the drawing made it look like flesh-colored so yeaah

  11. Ariida-chi's Art Shop

    Hello there! ━━━━━━━━ Welcome to Ariida-chi's Art Shop!━━━━━━━━ Terms and Conditions: • As you may know I am currently a student, so there will be times that I might not finish commissions immediately depending on my schedule [Life of a student QnQ] But I'll do what I can in order to finish it as soon as possible! I hope that you'll be patient with me QuQ •In order for me to deliver your commission in the best way possible please be specific as much as you can in how you want your commission to look like providing a reference sheet, expressions, desired background, etc. • My style might change from time to time as I try different ways of styles in every drawing I do so just a heads up! • I can do: ponies, humans, anthros or ask me anything that you want in mind and I'll confirm if I can or not ^u^ Slots: OPEN 1. Harper - ON HOLD 2. Dakcka - Sketching 3. Catsle - Sketching 4. Snow Frostflame - Sketching 5. Fullbody Pony: $25 Additional Pony/Character: $10 Additional Background: $10 Fullbody Character: $30 • Humans, Anthros, etc Additional Character: $15 Additional Background: $10 Reference Sheet: $40 Includes: • Fullbody Side View • Fullbody Front View • 3 Expressions • Headshot • 3 Accessories • Description Additional Side: $15 Includes: • Additional Fullbody [Any View] • Additional Expression • Additional Accessories or Headshot [Example might be different from the actual reference sheet, will update soon!] You can purchase here in my shop QuQ: You can also follow me here in DA: You can also send me a PM if you're interested! Thanks for dropping by! Hope to work with you soon! ^^
  12. Request Draw My OC's?

    Alright I'll work on it! Finished! Hope you like it