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  1. Hi! I just started a bit with the sketch, Im still working on finishing my other commission if thats okay but I'll work right on it once I finish
  2. You're welcome! I'm very happy that you like it ^^
  3. @SummerSparkle Hi! I just finished the ref sheet I hope you like it
  4. Yes I also do anthros ^^ it would be $35 for a fullbody shaded character
  5. @SummerSparkle Hi I just finished up the sketch ^^ let me know what you think and if you have any changes Sure I would love to! Just send me a PM ^^
  6. Posted on your commission shop!

  7. Noted! Thank you ^^ I'll work on the sketch
  8. I actually didn't notice so thank you for that note! As for payment, it depends on you when you want to pay, so it could be now or when the drawing is finished ^^ You can order here in my SHOP, for a Reference Sheet it costs $45
  9. Sure! I would love to ^^
  10. Thank you for all the details! These are very helpful and sufficient ^^ Yes I can do the sideview with the frontside and backside. As for the cutie mark I am more than happy to make one for you! I'll make a sketch of it first and show it once its done and would know if its okay with you ^^
  11. Yes here is fine ^^ All I need is the details of the character, appearance, personality, etc. and how you want the ref sheet to look like. Additional accessories you would like to add and the three emotions that is included in the ref sheet
  12. Yes I am still open for commissions ^^
  13. Sure ^^ whats your OC's personality or likes? might help making a concept
  14. Alrighty do you have a specific pose or background? ^^
  15. @Shinyrainbowumbreon Yes I would love to draw your OC ^^