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  1. I am a huge Robot Wars fan from classic to modern. Old legends like Hypno Disc and Chaos 2 are still fresh in my mind while new greats like Carbide and Apollo already have a place in my heart. I am the type of guy who could talk Robot Wars for hours and I am hyped for Series 9.
  2. This reminds me of something about Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash kicked a dragon, Destroyed a barn by flying through it Is the most physically active of the Mane 6, A Wonderbolt An equivalent to an Olympic athlete (Equestria Games) Can fly at Mach 5- Mach 10 speeds (Sonic Rainboom) Helped fight a bugbear Has helped hold off an army of changelings that looked like her friends. Yet despite all these feats and some experience in life and death scenarios, she was scared of some slow moving cookie zombies in 28 Pranks Later. I thought it would have made sense of Rainbow Dash taking a weapon and swatting any nearby zombies in self defence or she could of flew out of the barn with no injury and go to another town to call for help. I apologise for taking this episode a bit too seriously.
  3. I do not know who was more insane, the pony who designed that track or the racers for choosing to drive on it?
  4. I presume you are talking about Jem and the Holograms. Did you know that they are making a movie this year? Link to movie information Also your suggestion for a Josie and the Pussycats reboot gave me an idea. How about a reboot of Wacky Races, it has a unique concept with neat slapstick, I would love to see that in the modern day. Considering that Scooby Doo has so many shows, I think some other Hanna Barbara shows should be given a revamp.
  5. And no matter how many times ponies become homeless and sheltered again and again, it is just Tuesday for your average equine. I have to say what has been said before, the delivery service would be a horrible place to work as you would have to travel between dimensions to give mail to Discord as well as work alongside a colt who does not know how to use a printing press and a grey clumsy wall eyed mare who you no matter what love anyway.
  6. When I first looked at your post and you wrote Steven I though you meant Steven Universe however it occured to me you meant Stephan Hillenburg. I would like to say that the new Spongebob episodes with Hillenburg have started with Lost in Bikini Bottom and Tutor Sauce on July 16th. However any news of future episodes has not been heard of. As for a show that has had a bad generation and needs revamping there is Teen Titans Go. Considering Sonic Boom and Steven Universe are better action comedies and this show directly makes fun of old fans, Teen Titans Go needs to end and goes back to its previous roots.
  7. Ponyville cleaner or insurance agent You are going to spend a lot of time cleaning up the destruction in the town ranging from a Parasprite infestation to a bugbear attack to the Freakin Lord of Chaos wreaking havoc. Even though you would have a lot of clients, that still doesn't outweigh the terror.
  8. Did you know that Hey Arnold was going to have a sequel series. The sequel series was going to be about an older Helga as well as her family. However it was cancelled for being too dark yet Avatar was allowed... Note: I like Avatar but it felt out of place on Nickeloden As for Spongebob with Stephen Hillenburg returning and most of the Pre Movie 2 writers gone, the new episodes feel like a reboot.
  9. Pinkie Pie and Discord- The fourth wall breaker and lord of chaos work together to save/ruin the day in any way they can. Big Mac and Fluttershy- I want to tease the shippers Spike and Big Mac- We need man time and a friend for Spike
  10. You do bring up an interesting point However, here is something to add based on the leak EP14. Canterlot Boutique EP16. Rarity Investigates EP17. Made in Manehatten It looks like we are having three Rarity episodes within four episodes based on the titles and leak information, this seems strange mainly due to having Rarity not having much episodes. Also having consecutive character focused episodes seems out of order in my opinion. Imagine that this could have been a month of Rarity. We are going to have another Pinkie Pie episode with "The One where Pinkie Pie Knows". The leak also says Fluttershy's brother will appear in "Brotherhooves Social" giving a Fluttershy episode. Applejack has "The Hooffields and Mccolts". In the end each of the Mane Six will have an episode, however it seems like they are focusing on secondary characters since we are having another CMC episode, a Discord episode and a Luna episode. This is the season of expanding surroundings. I can understand as the Mane Six are close or finished to completing their ambitions.
  11. My favourite character used to be Fluttershy but I then realised in earlier seasons she had very little development having the getting over your fears moral over and over again. As a result she lost her place as best character and Discord became my new number one. Fortunately, I am liking the new tough love Fluttershy in recent episodes so I hope she keeps it that way showing she has grown.
  12. Considering this character has had an episode in every season ever since the beginning when Celestia and Cadence do not have an episode. I agree
  13. Oh great, now I have to check the entire season again to check if Starlight Glimmer is anyone of those frames. She could be one of the yaks, she could have been that changeling at the wedding, she could be ANYONE! In all serious, this is nice way of building things up. I am now sincerely am scared of Starlight since she is stalking Twilight's every move.
  14. To this I agree, even if the writer to told me to like the second Twilight you described and see her as the protagonist, I would refrain since I have my own opinion. I really do not like the designated hero trope in which the character is portrayed as a protagonist and given praise by other characters when the character is really malevolent. This is why I do not like most TCB fics and Modern SpongeBob. I would not feel sympathy towards a Twilight who shows wrath and hatred towards other species since such traits are unlikable
  15. Considering I have been asked the philosophical question "If we came in to contact with sapient life outside of Earth, how would we treat them?" If the ponies say they come in peace, I will immediately return with kindness and tolerance due to seeing them as equals to humans despite the power difference. I will show no fear due to being open minded to new things so I would give ponies a chance.