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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I can't stand Call of Duty either, also one game I can never be calm when playing would have to be Dark Souls II.
  3. I try to shower everyday before I sleep, if I'm too tired and forget I shower whenever I wake up
  4. I am a hispanic/latino as well, I am Guatemalan but I was born and raised in America. First Guatemalan brony I have met , or even Guatemalan Ive ever met overall that isn't blood related Ive met a whole lot of people with different ethnicity's but none of my own sadly.
  5. There isn't a day I don't trash talk or call at least one person a scrub. Its probably cause I live in Chicago everyone talks smack to each other playfully, and in just a few occasions where they are pretty serious. Its also pretty hard not to when your very competitive and play multiple sports.
  6. Halo CE, Truth and Reconciliation on legendary is a mission I hate just to think about... Also pretty much the whole Halo 2 campaign on legendary as well.
  7. Lots of vitamin C and a spoon full of honey will do the job
  8. Egg McMuffin? Hmm...Its good for the soul, and thats pretty much it, everything else it does is bad I enjoy them once in awhile.
  9. Its very good, the first 5 seasons are a bit slow but enjoyable your first time watching them, after that it gets into a deeper plot, Im still rewatching some seasons to understand other future episodes. If you got nothing to do, watch it
  10. Ide have to say AssassinsCreed Unity, the others I enjoyed very much but Unity was just a glitchy nightmare bugfest, the story didn't interest me at all either. I missed the multiplayer very much and don't get me started on all the hype this game had, just made it a even worse experience.
  11. XB1: GZS Chaotic Mostly on Halo, AC4, 2K, Destiny and all that good stuff ^~^
  12. Im surprised no one has said a word here yet...