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  1. Not as of right now, although that is mainly because I'm not sure as of how to join one. I suppose I would join a club if it interested me.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. pocketshotgun


      Thanks! sorry for replying late. I've been gone a while

  3. They are all quite good, I don't mean to say that just because everyone is nice here because it would be an empty compliment. I like how they have a kind of dark evil - ish look to them, they sort of remind me of something that could be in a nightmare before christmas with some gothic elements too. Also every character here looks insane. Well done.
  4. Hello, I just put together a few renders of some models / rigs I made and I wanted to know what you all thought of them, I usually work in blender with some outside work done in paint.net. I've been doing this for about two years. Anyway Thanks for coming! Also, What might be something I could work on next? it could be anything. Cheers! (for those who don't already know, the two transformers are the original optimus and the original megatron with a few updates and the other ones... you should probably be able to tell considering you're on this website)
  5. Hello! so I do 3D modelling as a hobby and I just finished my latest creation... or, well I finished the model for it and that's why I am here. Below is a screenshot of the creature; I am wondering what might be a good idea for a texture? I was thinking a snake / lizard - like bump map to give it wrinkles that a creature such as this might have. It is meant to be a dangerous creature but not prominantly violent So, what colors? or what kind of texture should the texture have? or a completely different idea, I would love to hear suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Hey, umm.. Does anyone know where I can watch this online? preferably for free but it is ok if it is cheap. Thanks!
  7. I would recommend the program Code blocks, I have been learning C++ in that program.
  8. You don't actually need a great computer to write a program, it of course depends on what you are writing it for, games, a script inside a program, or a stand alone program and on how big it is. You should still try.
  9. That's a good idea, I'm going to do that. Also, if you don't mind what other details do you think it could use? Thanks!
  10. I know some C++ but I am still learning. I'll take a look at it, although it is probably not exactly what I am looking for. Thanks though.
  11. Hello! So in the past months I have been working on a Discord model that goes / could go with some of the pony models out there. If you have looked for discord 3D models in the last few months you may have seen some of the previous versions. (Images are attached below) The model, texture, and rig were made entirely by me in blender (paint.net a little for the texture) it took me about 8 - 12 hours doing everything. The model has posable eyebrows/eyelids, posable mouth, individually posable fingers, and obviously a posable body and limbs etc. The file comes with various items: The model of course. Various thumbnails, backgrounds, and renders. Parts: when I created the model I made it in small parts first; I left these in incase you wanted to customise the model, or make your own. Various textures, the textures vary in resolution, there is also the blu - flu texture (and green flu) Various formats: I have exported the model in all of the most common 3D file formats, so if you don't have blender it should still be usable. I can link you to the throne and houses as well if you want just say so. DOWNLOAD 1: http://www.mediafire...38r/Discord.rar DOWNLOAD 2: http://www.blendswap...ends/view/77317 If you use it you do not have to credit me (although I would appreciate it) but I would like it if you could link me to what you made (although you don't have to) I recommend reading the "READ ME" file Thanks for viewing this thread! I love to hear back about things I make, either it be about it being good, it being not so good and what to improve, or just random responses. (also admins, this was reposted, because I thought this would be the better place)
  12. Thanks for the help in your replies, some of these engines I already knew about and some I did not, regardless now I have more options to consider. So thank you for your help!
  13. I have tried unity, it is a good engine with lots of potential but although it has 2D capabilities, it is still primarily and natively a 3D engine. If I were to use unity, it would have to be once it was updated alot and made more natural for 2D games. Thanks for the input though!
  14. Hello! So I have been experimenting with 3D game engines for a while and have been wanting to move into learning to make / messing around with and never finishing 2D games because I overall prefer the simplicity of some 2D games and their art style and just find it more fun to play with, so, my question is pretty simple: Do you know of any good 2D game engines? By this I mean top down, sidescrolling, or pseudo 3D any or all. I have looked at programs like construct, and they don't really seem to be right for me, I prefer to be able to write the code myself, as apposed to having it pretty much all built for you because I think it allows for a more diverse enviroment. Possibly important info: I know a fair bit of programming, enough to get by and learn in most engines I know the overall development that goes into a game as I have made a few before myself. Anyway, Thanks for coming here at all, I would really love to hear your replies. Thanks!