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    I am a Red Panda
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    like to play tf2
    I am a Brony
    I am a small person in a world and is 60% insainsi have made all my oc's have multi pony personality disorder
    I think bronies are so adorable
    I use app called Amino apps
    I use kik: SilverBreeze27
    I have YouTube just type in silver Breeze and then find one that has the name SBTGaming RedPandaEdition
    I will get Skype

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  1. i would call him a dick.....then he would tease me then we make up!!!
  2. um wat should i go with the guys or da girls?
  3. THE NYAN CAT SONG!!!!! and AWAKE AND ALIVE by Skillet
  4. 338,7** glad to be back filly!! wat up Woona!!
  5. 339,78* hello everypony i have been gone fer a long time......hows all u doing?
  6. 26140* hi there long time no see!!
  7. um ok thanks I have actually been to this just not for a while also do u think that's weird? 231,5** I really thought there was a bug on my screen and tried to squish it only to find out it was in the screen