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  1. I heard @Crescent Light likes to backhand ketchup bottles. Rood. Something like that.
  2. i love your profile pic

  3. Y U DO DAT. RICK?!

    1. Barpy


      oh hey rick and morty fan :D excited for season 3 as much as me?

    2. Barpy


      and i cried at that part

    3. Koukatsu


      Of course I'm thrilled for S3.

  4. On a motorcycle, no problem. Feet are small, and horsepower is big! 0/10! Skipping for a week straight.
  5. I created the atoms the make up your land.
  6. Been watching some Rick & Morty. End of S2 always makes me tear up. D:
  7. Total scrub, 0/10, needs more red and black on it, also a fedora. kekno. 8/10. Hawt to trawt.