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  1. >explode >get out of bed naked crab walk to computer >read comments, flip table > Shower >get dressed >do nothing productive all day >pass out >explode >repeat
  2. Vida, I heard he did some weird stuff about him and digi at brony con
  3. How did you find MLP Forums?: This beta guy named Tom told this was a completely no pastay place, I think he does videos about ponies or something? bicurious was his name I think? How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Idk, I was board and so I decided to watch it. it wasn't bad so i kept going and then three years past... Whats up kiddos, my names Faith. Been into this weird pony stuff for longer then I'd like to admit. when ever friends ask I simply reply 'longer then you think, but shorter then you hope' I'm a gamer, and I make stuff for the internet and put ads on it for most of my income what a silly thingy huh? Any way i like long walks on the beach non alcoholic drinks, ooh and picnics in grave yard ^-^
  4. Hello there, new friend!

    1. Nootnoooor
    2. Enemy Stand

      Enemy Stand

      Merci beaucoup pour ajoute moi.

  5. let's be freinds FOREVER

    1. Nootnoooor


      We'll be together forever in this box, never again will be separated once it locks.

    2. Corpulent Brony

      Corpulent Brony

      THANK YOU!!!!! Trixie isn't a bad pony really, she's cute.