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  1. well. Nevermind. because a mod decided to be incompetent. so ima leave MLPF. anypony wants to talk to me. add me on skype. if not. have a nice day.
  2. look. i know how to debuff. im not some second rate gamer. im an expert RPer. just gimme a chance to do things like this and you will see.
  3. This is why I put so many debuffs on it. High conditioning, it still sounds like a shotgun, she litterally took the stock of an AA12 and used it. (got the stats of that from a new vegas mod) I guess recoiless was a poor choice of words. More like a shotguns recoil. There was a little girl not too long ago that defended her home with a shotgun. Ive put so many debuffs on the thing now its not even funny. Do I really still have to get rid of it? If I continue is this really going to be a problem? What? come on, arnt we trying to havefun? I was hoping this might eventually get into an epic level
  4. Nighty night everypony! * KISSIEHUGGLESNUGGLES *

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      *sits down with shotgun waiting for raiders or slavers*

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  5. How about if I say that that was the last bullet she could fire before it breaks? Say the condition is very low and I wont find any parts for a while? So I cant use it for until the GM says so. For all the power the rifle has, it actually really sucks. At full condition it can fire 4-6 rounds b4 it needs repairs. I put a lot of effort into this weapon. But, like I said, I wont use it for a while if it "Conflicts" with everyponies preferances. Also she didn't find this rifle, she made it. Hence the major debuffing. Nighty night everypony * KissieHuggleSnuzzles *
  6. Awwww. Be safe at school! *KissieHuggleSnuzzles * Nighty night everypony * KissieHuggleSnuzzles *
  7. Posted. Hope you all enjoy o3o Fyi. I tend to keep my ammo low. And I dont always hit. I actually roll for everything. If needed I will post my rolls as well. Please let me know if yall like her >_<
  8. *Gear Head lay about half a mile out from Ironshod. She had heard of it from the Ironshod magazines she read like bedtime stories. She floats out the pieces of Isabella. Her custom 50mg recoiless Anti-Material rifle. Putting it together, she looks through the scope.* 'Raiders......why always raiders? Oh well......they arnt ponies anyhoof......' *She thought. Takeing aim at ones chest. The great thing about her rifle. Is even a grazing wound can be fatal. The silencer on it makes it sound like a shotgun as she fires. The raiders chest suddenly haveing a hole in it, tearing out his left shoulder
  9. Okie. Where is everypony and is anypony near Manehatten?
  10. Heh. Your welcome. Back Slash made up a move that uses it. Some ponies say its too OP but I dun think it is. I mean....I put massive debuffs on the move. So its nowhere near OP
  11. "Vhat de buck vas dat!" *Slash exclaimed, as he flys fast towards the loud explosion. Looking around for any sign of hostiles.* "Vhat de hell? Vhat vas dat noise?" *He said as he hovered over the area. He spotted the two pony guard talking.* "Vhat? Could dat have been dem?" *He pulls his sword. He wasn't about to take any chances. Especially with guards*
  12. Sooooo.....I guess I take that as a no?
  13. "Owwwwwwieeee. .......y.....yeah.....im okie......I think" * She says, getting up and drying off. She fixes her mane and tail, and didn't notice that her nose was bleeding. She trots out* "okie. Im done now. Where du I gu?" *She starts looking around. Then noticed the new pony.* "umm.....nu......why would we be fighting?"
  14. Rrgh. 200 character limits. Skype is suuuu muce easier XD Grey mane! Youve been bumped into! XD Imso sowwy I passed out
  15. *Back Slash yawns and sits up. He lives in a 40 foot tall tree that he tied the branches together years ago so they grew jnto a platform. He puts his sword on his back, somehow it stays without a sheath.* "ahh.....anoser day. Anoser poacher to take out. I vonder....if they vill be compitant and not stica around vhen dey see me."
  16. *She goes inside. Starting the shower and proceding to wash herself* 'why he su nice tu me? What does he want? Nopony but celestia was ever nice tu me.....' *She thought to herself. Finishing up, she reached for the towel. Stepping on the soap and slipping, falling onto her face again with a loud thud.* "Woah! OOOF!.........oooooooooow"
  17. "Ummm....o...okie.....thanky StySty" *She says. Following close to him. Looking all around. She had never been to a school before, and it showed on her face.* "Umm......StySty? Du yeu think theres a dance class here?" *She asks hopefully, eagerly awaiting his answer with a weak smile*
  18. "Oh....umm.....I... im new here....umm.....m.....miss celestia found me digging in a dumpster and asked why I wasn't in school.....I said ive never been to school......s.....so she sent me here. But she forgot tu tell me what tu duu" *She says* "I....im Swag. Swag Slash." *She holds out her hoof for brohoof*
  19. "EEEP!" *She jumps, falling on her muzzle, THUD!* "Owwwwwwieeee" *She looks up at the pony thar knocked her down.* "A.......are you a teacher?" *She asks. Not knowing the answer. She looks a bit confused* (Urghhh. Whats with the 200 character limit? Ill try and get more content somehow))
  20. *A small Blue Pegasi filly slowly walks into the school. Celestia had told her to come here to learn. She also said there would be Dancing classes as well which got Swags attention. Shes dirty still. You can see the dirt on her and she does kinda smell. She starts looking for a teacher.* 'ohh......I hope im in the right place....' *She thought*
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