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  1. That's very Rairity/Fluttershy of you but with RPs, messing always happens. No one should get angered by that. Plus it could always work for the better
  2. I hope it doesn't but thanks. I thought others would like this idea..
  3. Well it goes without saying you are qualified for this role, so you are now Twilight Sparkle.
  4. I'm so glad I have games and a puppy to entertain me haha
  5. Yeah, I don't think it is fixed yet, just glad I can still post Alright, I don't know when that is though :/ seems to be getting better though. Or that's just my wishful thinking
  6. Yeah, I thought it was my laptop having issues at first. Hope it's fixed soon
  7. I like the character, but I'm confused a little. Is he evil because it's the only way he knows? Don't know why it replied three times here, but I like you statements. Very comical and still delivers the message. Congrats, you are Death!
  8. Had to read it all, sorry and it I like the different scenarios you have set up! You can be a villain!
  9. Connection between Mane Six, Daring Do and Ashton Rising (My OC): From Ashton's back story, Daring Do is his close and only friend. Every since she discovered him, they traveled together on every adventure. Rainbow Dash, as much as a fan of Daring Do she is, always overlooks Ashton and never notices him with Daring. Ashton helped Pinkie Pie with fireworks at one New Year's celebration. They do not know each other well, Ashton just saw Pinkie unhappy and wanted to help out. Ashton accidentally scorched an acre of Apple Trees on day trying to practice his Spit Fire move. Ashton waltzed up to
  10. Wait, does this mean Ashton can't burn a bush, hop in it and start talking to ponies?? Darn it! No. But, does this mean he is not allowed to burn flammable objects or creatures? Or rise from his ashes?
  11. Oh okay then, but I don't think that makes this RP any less creative or entertaining :/
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