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  1. That's very Rairity/Fluttershy of you but with RPs, messing always happens. No one should get angered by that. Plus it could always work for the better
  2. Well it goes without saying you are qualified for this role, so you are now Twilight Sparkle.
  3. Yeah, I don't think it is fixed yet, just glad I can still post Alright, I don't know when that is though :/ seems to be getting better though. Or that's just my wishful thinking
  4. I like the character, but I'm confused a little. Is he evil because it's the only way he knows? Don't know why it replied three times here, but I like you statements. Very comical and still delivers the message. Congrats, you are Death!
  5. Had to read it all, sorry and it I like the different scenarios you have set up! You can be a villain!
  6. Connection between Mane Six, Daring Do and Ashton Rising (My OC): From Ashton's back story, Daring Do is his close and only friend. Every since she discovered him, they traveled together on every adventure. Rainbow Dash, as much as a fan of Daring Do she is, always overlooks Ashton and never notices him with Daring. Ashton helped Pinkie Pie with fireworks at one New Year's celebration. They do not know each other well, Ashton just saw Pinkie unhappy and wanted to help out. Ashton accidentally scorched an acre of Apple Trees on day trying to practice his Spit Fire move. Ashton waltzed up to Applejack and confessed to what he had done. Applejack was upset and still is, but forgave him because of his "up-right honesty". Rarity was looking for the perfect ice block to sculpt into an ice figure of Celestia. When she got trapped, Ashton melted the ice around Rarity and seared off any char, dirt or smudges to make the ice block crystal clear. When Celestia goes out of town and gives Philomena to Fluttershy, Ashton helps take care of her... because Philomena is a phoenix... and so is Ashton. Twilight has always been fascinated with Ashton's history and mythology. She never quite understood how a phoenix could be a pony. Twilight and Ashton have talks about the history of the world that he has experienced but Ashton never wants to talk about himself... Also he has a "little" crush on her. RP story-line play out: It's dark times again and a great evil has fallen onto Equestria. Only this time, Harmony alone will not be enough to stop it. The 4 apocalyptic horses, Famine, War, Pestilence and Death, are wreaking havoc and trying to bring an end to Equestria for their on evil world. The only thing keeping the horsemen from enter Equestria's realm is Princesses Celestia, Cadence, and Luna are holding the portal closed in Celestia's thrown room. Celestia summoned the Mane six to track down a pony she thought could help. She says he is more destructive and chaotic than Discord himself; Ashton Rising. Like any bad situation, it get's worse for Equestria. There are other evil ponies and creatures who want to bring on the apocalypse. So their desire is to let loose the horsemen by taking down the Princesses keeping the horsemen from coming to their world. The Mane Six have to prepare for a journey to find Daring Do and Ashton Rising. Ask for their help. And defeat the evils that may come to pass. Unfortunately, Daring and Ashton are in a dangerous jungle, sharping their survival instinct skills. Roles that need to be played for the RP to run smoothly in the beginning: The Mane Six Daring Do Villains that are NOT the horsmen (The horsemen have to be released) Princesses Celestia, Cadence and Luna (Not needed, but preferred). Villains can be OCs! So don't be shy! Rules: 1. No god moding. Even though you might be playing the role of Death. 2. Do not control other characters! 3. Try to use grammar in your posts, not everyone is perfect, but don't tlk lke dis, k? 4. Swearing is allowed, just not excessively. 5. Do not spam posts, let other have a chance to respond. 6. You don't have to right a novel as a reply, you can reply with one line if it is needed. Ex: Ashton flies in the air to catch Daring Do and says, "are you okay?" 7. Don't tell me my rules are ridiculous! I know that already. 8. Fill out the appropriate application below to enter the RP. 9. If play one of the Mane Six, Daring Do or 4 Horsemen, read their specific application requirements. Applying to be one of the Mane Six: Link to your version of your desired Mane Six (if you have one): Desired Mane Six Pony: Have you seen all episodes of MLP: FiM?: Tell me why you think you are fit to play this Mane Six Pony: Applying to be Daring Do: Link to your version of Daring Do (if you have one with a basic/vague back story or none): Have you seen all episodes of MLP: FiM?: Did you read Ashton's Back Story?: Tell me why you think you are fit to play Ashton's best friend, Daring Do?: Applying to be one of the 4 Horsemen: The 4 Horsemen are slightly different from most lore, considering that it has to be MLP friendly. Death- As he cannot die, he has to be trapped. Being a Horsemen, he is immune to the elements of Harmony and Nature. Unaffected by physical contact from other creatures. He can only be trapped in a Dragon's Cage for a few days. His ability is that of a much for severe yet less morbid (at first) one. He causes any pony or creature to age at an accelerated rate ( 1 day = 1 year) as long as he is roaming the realm the cursed creature is in. Pestilence- A changeling, releases burst of toxic clouds that attack the lungs and eyes of creatures for as long as he is standing still. The toxins from the cloud will stay in the infected creatures system for hours until they eventually pass away. If Pestilence is releasing his toxins, he is vulnerable to the elements of Harmony and nature. War- A Pegasus, hovers in the air with his eyes glowing. Any creature within range will aggressively react to anything, to the point of violent actions in the most extreme. While War is causing aggression, he is vulnerable to physical damage. Famine- An Earth Pony, who, if he gets his hooves on you, can feast on your life force (soul) until you are nothing but a hollow shell. Even though he is always vulnerable to physical attacks and the elements of Harmony and nature, his ability allows him to tap into any creatures true desire (food, romance, violence, power, friendship and etc.). The closer one gets to Famine, the stronger the desires become. Desired Horsemen: Did you read the Horsemen's description?: Do you understand the limitations of of your Horsemen?: Tell me why you think you are fit to be this Horsemen: Applying to be a Villain: There can be up to 10 villains other than the 4 Horsemen! Have you read the rules? Did you re-read the rules?: Link to your OC: Anything else that might be worth noting? Applying as a Canon Character: Your version of the Canon Pony (if you have one): Name: Occupation: Lives in: Are you caught up on MLP: FiM?: Why do you want to be this Character? Applying to be a supporting OC: Your OC Link: Name: Age: Occupation: Lives in: Race: Gender: Nickname: Why do you want to be in this RP? You MUST post an application to be in the RP! If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask! I'll answer! Got suggestions or see that I made a mistake (likely that I did), tell me! Mane Cast: Twilight (Open) Applejack (Open) Rainbow Dash (Open) Rarity (Open) Fluttershy (Open) Pinkie Pie (Open) Villains: 1. Firehearted as Atlas 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Daring Do: 1. 4 Horsemen: Death- Mr Suit and Tie Pestilence- Void Crawler War- Famine- OC Supporters: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  7. Wait, does this mean Ashton can't burn a bush, hop in it and start talking to ponies?? Darn it! No. But, does this mean he is not allowed to burn flammable objects or creatures? Or rise from his ashes?
  8. Oh okay then, but I don't think that makes this RP any less creative or entertaining :/