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  1. Czesc! :) I've just noticed that you can probably can write in Polish. Yay!  I like Fluttershy, Twilight and Luna very much too. :) Milego dnia! :)

  2. StoryTail

    ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    Yum! I love PBJ!! Assorted box of Chocolate?
  3. I don't hate Flash Sentry, nor do I care if he gets canonically shipped with Twilight.... Or not... I like alicorn Twilight. I like how the CMC got their cutie marks, but I kind of wished, in the beginning, that the cutie marks looked nicer.... I guess my biggest complaint is the color scheme, even if it's supposed to represent each member...
  4. From watching the episode, I find it quite interesting to discover that changlings, a bug-type pony species, like to eat bugs. It looked like they were making bug sushi or something, lol!
  5. @DonMaguz "Applejack goes on a trip." - I'm gonna guess Somepony to Watch Over Me? Also, you're correct on A Dog and Pony Show. @WisePie "Apple Bloom's cousin is a real mean jerk." - One Bad Apple. New one: Pinkie Pie doesn't like her twin.
  6. Is it Dragon Quest? And good try, but it's a much older episode. Another hint for episode that involves "a wedding that nopony approves", practically everyone loves that episode. New episode: it involves Applejack feeling like a liar because she keeps quiet.
  7. Owl's Well That Ends Well? And good guess, but it's a more recent wedding. Ponies think Rarity is weak, but she isn't.
  8. Starswirl could be alive, in a sense, since he's time traveled. But you guys need to keep in mind that Hasbro does not want MLP to directly mention deaths because it's a heavy topic that they decided to make taboo. While Applejack's parents aren't directly mentioned as dead, it's heavily implied with how she behaves on the subject of her parents in the show, for example. So it could be that he has already passed, but it is still possible that he's still alive with his manipulation of time. Although, he could already be dead, but you could still find him time traveling to meet Twilight som
  9. I come in, right in time to hear you say "love", look at you two, and say, "Ewww," like an immature kid. And then I walk out.
  10. Granted! But now you caused global warming to get worse! I wish I could snuggle up in bed right now...
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