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  1. , thank you! wahooo!, thanks!
  2. Wow, thank you bro, yes, just a bit mistake, i will try fix in next xD , tyyyyy
  3. Yes i dont lost my skills xD Thank you, eyes is soul of my draws
  4. Thanks, i working in improve this wings style still OH YEAH IM BACK XD
  5. Im back to posts my arts and here are my new, a reboot i did of my old Twilight Art
  6. Im Back , again , again lol

  7. Mrbrunoh1

    Rarity Next

    @@Woohoo, She are in one restaurant :3
  8. Mrbrunoh1

    Rarity Next

    @@JonasDarkmane, @, @, Thanks, i really haved alot of work to do her :3
  9. Mrbrunoh1

    Rarity Next

    @, @@RaritySparkleArtist, @ Awww, thank you all so muchhhh
    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      this drawing of Rarity art AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved<3<3<3<3

  10. Mrbrunoh1

    Rarity Next

    Well, i maded a new art of Rarity, a new Style of art i maded now, i hope be good
  11. Mrbrunoh1

    Spitfire and Lotus

    @, Photoshop Cs6 @@MiniKirby123, @@Midnight Blossom, Thanks my friend i really happy you all liked
  12. Niwy Violet
  13. Margaret Violet
  14. Mrbrunoh1

    Spitfire and Lotus

    @@JonasDarkmane, @@KrazyDashie, @, Thanks you all so much my friends
  15. Mrbrunoh1

    Spitfire and Lotus

    @@Woohoo, Yes, and she need one relax place :3, TY Woohoo
  16. @@ooBrony, , thanks so much my old friend
  17. Mrbrunoh1

    Spitfire and Lotus

    @@Pinkamena-Pills, Thank you so much Pills, *hugs* @@RaritySparkleArtist, Thanks you two for made this for me :3 @@ooBrony, *hugs*
  18. Mrbrunoh1

    Spitfire and Lotus

    @@RaritySparkleArtist, @@Pinkamena-Pills, T-this....is for me Thanks so much, I I really loved
  19. Finally i finish my new Art , i maded this art based on my favorite ponies, well in my two favorites , well i hope be good is based in my own art Style
  20. @@KrazyDashie, @@Woohoo, thanks so much, and i will amde Rarity @@JonasDarkmane, @@DJ Onex, @@LittleMac, @, thanks i'm really apriciate this
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