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  1. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  2. You're in luck, because I have the season pass on PS4. I'll set up my PS4 tonight, when I get back home.
  3. I also have it for PS4. Not sure how long I'll be playing it on that platform, though, as I'm getting the Season Pass for PC soon. Just add ExtinctSouls, I get on sometimes but not always. Might become sparse, so it might not even be worth it. Up to you, though.
  4. I play it all the time, so I need friends to play it with. I find that's a lot more fun than just playing alone. My Steam name: SuitedBrony Many thanks!
  5. Need people who want to play blop3

  6. If you have the game on Steam and play it fairly often, then I would love it if you'd add me! SuitedBrony The main reason I need some PC brony friends is because I used to be a console gamer, meaning all of my friends are console gamers. I converted to the pcmasterrace a few months ago, but most if not all of my friends that play on console don't have a PC. I also just got bo3 last weekend. I don't have the season pass yet, but I'm getting the season pass at the start of next month. Anyway, looking forward to some new friends! (Also, I hope I posed this in the right forum.)
  7. I can tell you something I don't want in it. ComicSans. (Laughing Track) In all seriousness, I'd like to see something never done before, and something out of this world. The finale to this Season was beautiful, and made all of my Fallout Equestria fantasies come true, but I'd like them to try to go further than that, while at the same time maintaining their rating. Sneak even sneaky-er hints to darker themes, like Corrupted-Past-Rainbow's robotic/metallic wing.
  8. I was wondering if anyone wanted to collab on a song. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I think it is. Anyway, what I'm looking for is a female who can sing. Hard to find, I know, but I thought this should be the first place I look. I've been wanted to release another song for ages now, and I think I got just the song, but I don't think I can do it solo. This song can be found here. It's a short song about Twilight going back in time from when Rainbow Dash gets kicked from the Wonderbolts. This is way in the future of an alternate universe where Rainbow Dash is sent on a mission, but when people find out that Rainbow Dash sided with the person she was sent to assassinate, she gets kicked from the Wonderbolts and detained. This song has a bit of TwiDash in it, so Hopefully I can find someone both into that, and someone who's female and can sing. It's a lot to ask for, and if I can't find anyone who's willing to do it, then I'll just go with a male who can sing, or lastly, myself. You can either contact me personally. or reply to the forum topic. Skype: suitedbrony YouTube: SuitedBrony <(Has a song by me on that channel, if you want to hear what I've made. I want this song to be better than it, though.) Website: Email: Any of those work! Thanks for taking your time in reading it thus far, and hopefully 1. I've wrote in the right forum topic, and 2. Someone is out there who meets the criteria.
  9. I'll add you sometime tomorrow! On both sc and steam
  10. Awesome, I'll add you to steam now!
  11. I want to know if anyone has GTA V and would like to play sometime tomorrow. I'm specifying tomorrow because that's when I get my new graphics card. I'm also going to say around 4:30-5:00 is when I'd like to play; I'm going to see Avengers 2 at 3 and its almost a 3 hour long movie. Thanks
  12. I searched for you, and I can't seem to find you. I found someone with a Pinkie Pie picture, but he/she doesn't have World at War.
  13. I Love Fedoras. They be stylish.
  14. Yeah, but your explaining WHY we are bronies. (ie because its not as girly as previous gens.)