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  1. This is a cover I've had a for a little while but haven't released. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!
  2. Just released a new 8-bit cover, this time of Megalovania by Toby Fox from the game Undertale. Enjoy!
  3. Hey, I do acapella music. I'd reccommend getting more people, to stregthen out the range of what you can do with acapella. A bass singer, tenor singer, alto singer, soprano singer, and a vocal percussionist is the base to the general modern acapella group (like Pentatonix). Obviously, if you have the range to, you can make it by yourself (like Peter Hollens or Mike Tompkins). The first thing you really want is to record your bass and your beatboxing to lay down a base for the song. Next, add in harmonies with your tenor, alto, or soprano. Lastly add your melody, and as an extra touch backing v
  4. Hey guys! I've just finished and uploaded an awesome collab with Turquoise Splash, SydeMusic, Decibelle, and Mary Medley where we cover That's Christmas To Me by Pentatonix - here it is: All the sounds you hear are made only by vocals.
  5. First off - the game looks awesome so far, plus thank you for showing what you're doing - it's good to know about what you're getting into before joining (take note!). Anyway, I can't do any of the things you're looking for, but I can make 8-bit music (possibly could be used in secret levels or something else, if you'd need any other help with music). Eg.
  6. Bronyance

    General Your theme song?

    Definitely this song + I looooove it, hilarious.
  7. I have 3 things I'd mention and they're all to do with singing xD 1. I have a pretty low vocal range, of B1-Bb4 currently. 2. I can do a bass growl down to a G1 (both are linked below starting @ 3:19). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl8N48sSlbI 3. Something I really like to have fun with: I can overtone sing (or throat sing, essentially singing two tones at ones, sounds pretty trippy). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sseZCGkQgA8
  8. Sounds good! Just hit me up on the forums when you need anything.
  9. Heyo! I make 8-Bit music, if you'd want help with that! Eg.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJe5rAe3LXU EDIT: Something original based off of a boss battle from me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXdufPMDVMk
  10. I play singles badminton currently, and have won a local tournament of it. Casually I play goalkeeper in football (soccer), and swim competitively. I used to play tennis for my county and racked up a few trophies before that, but I've stopped now. I'm not great at playing with a team, I like to play by myself, and I don't really support any sports teams over another.
  11. Heyo guys! I thought I'd let you all know that 3 of my new singles have been released to Bandcamp. They're name-your-price so you can download them for free if you want to. Donations are always appreciated, however! Here are the links: September 8-Bit Cover https://bronyance.bandcamp.com/track/september-8-bit Friendship 8-Bit Cover https://bronyance.bandcamp.com/track/friendship-8-bit IMmortal 8-Bit Medley https://bronyance.bandcamp.com/track/8-bit-immortal-medley And my EP, Kingdom, is still available for free: https://bronyance.bandcamp.com/album/kingdom-ep Thanks, guys
  12. Unfortunately, most comprehensive music creation softwares are fairly pricey. Prices usually range from £60 (~$90, ~€80) to anywhere up to £700 (~$1,100, ~€950) for full versions. I personally use FL Studio. It's an understandable program which is not as expensive as most (I got mine for around £80). There aren't really any free or very cheap programs that compare at all - the only thing would be GarageBand and that's an Apple exclusive. You've really got to know you want to get into music properly before you buy a DAW.
  13. What races would you like to see? Earth (+Str modifier, -Int modifier) Pegasus (+Dex modifier, -Str modifier) Unicorn (+Int modifier, -Dex modifier) Would you prefer progession-style play(Making a character and leveling it up from 1-whatever), or one hitters(take a premade charactersheet/make a character, and just play one 3-4 hour session)? Progression, definitely. What are THREE elements from the show that MUST be in the game? (Examples: silliness, puns, canon characters) I'd like to see a bit of silliness, definitely. Locations from the show would be nice. Possibly a few canon
  14. Hm, I don't know really. I have good internet but I have no idea.
  15. I could host or something for you, if you'd like. I've got a nice low bass radio voice. If you want a sample or something I'll record me saying some stuff or something. ^^
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